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Libbyland TV Dinner Commercial



From 1971 to 1976, Libby Foods put out these frozen TV dinners especially for children . . . and I was one of those children.  But I had forgotten completely about them until now.  There were 4 varieties and each one featured 2 (yes, that's right TWO) entrees (let's get working on that childhood obesity thing, America!!!), two sides, a dessert and something called "Milk Magic" which were crystals to add to a glass of milk and turn it chocolatey!  The aluminum-foil trays (before most of us had microwaves, folks) had Libbyland characters "engraved" into them.  And the box itself would fold out into a 'diorama' playset background with puzzles and activities as well. 

The two main characters for Libbyland Adventure Dinners were Libby the Kid (a cowboy kid in a white cowboy suit) and Mean Gene (the villain who maybe just perhaps would later clean up his act and learn to dance on THE GONG SHOW who knows).

Holy moley, this brings back wild memories!  There were four varieties of Libbyland Adventure Dinners.  "Sundown Supper" was the cowboy/western themed one; it featured a hamburger, franks & beans, french fries, corn and chocolate pudding.  Next was Pirate Picnic featuring a hot dog, 'beefaroni' (which later switched to a Sloppy Joe and that's the one I seem to dimly remember), french fries, corn and chocolate pudding.  Safari Supper contained fried chicken (um . . . that piece of fried chicken up in that second photo looks kinda like a turd but I digress), spaghetti & meatballs with alphabet spaghetti, tater tots, corn and chocolate pudding (the veggie and dessert seem to be stuck in a rut).  Last but not least was the Sea Diver's Dinner featuring fish sticks, macaroni & cheese (with ham in it apparently), french fries, and . . . . WAIT FOR IT . . . . . .corn and chocolate pudding!  This was pretty groovy stuff back in the day and I remember, whenever I went to the Acme with my Mom and we'd sashay into the frozen food aisle, I'd spot them and ask her to get some.  And she always did.  Because she was a good parent! So, if you happen to own a portable tesseract or a bona fide time machine and you travel back to the mid-1970's . . . . here's a ten cent off coupon for you to use. 


Tuesday, May 31, 2022



  1. GAMBIT  (1966)
  4. SPIDER-MAN:  NO WAY HOME  (2021)
  6. LOWLIFE  (2017)
  7. SCREWED  (2000)
  8. THE NIGHT HOUSE  (2020)
  9. PULP  (1972)
  10. INSPECTOR IKE  (2020)

Sunday, May 01, 2022



  1. OTHER MUSIC  (2019)
  3. THIS IS THE NIGHT  (1932)
  5. IT'S THE OLD ARMY GAME  (1926)
  7. VIVARIUM  (2019)
  8. HOUSEBOUND  (2014)

Friday, April 01, 2022



  1. CLEARCUT  (1991)
  4. JULIA  (2021)
  5. ALISON'S BIRTHDAY  (1981)
  6. CHINA  (1943)
  8. THE HELLBENDERS  (1967)
  9. DEAD RECKONING  (1947)

Tuesday, March 01, 2022



  1. CRY DANGER  (1951)
  2. THE BEATLES:  GET BACK  (2021)
  3. GIVE ME YOUR HEART  (1936)
  5. MCCABE & MRS. MILLER  (1971)
  6. DOUBLE DOOR  (1934)
  8. LANDRU aka BLUEBEARD  (1963)
  10. BLACKOUT  (1954)

Wednesday, February 02, 2022



I've been neglecting the blogoverse (as is my sorry ass wont) lately but I just stumbled across this post by my sparkly Mrs. Ilsa* on her superb blog THE SEASON OF PLUM AND COBBLESTONE and I just HAD to steal her idea!  She is the ray of sunshine to my "squirt of lemon to the eye" personality and listing the places I've traveled via the books I've read and the films and TV I've watched is such a great idea -- also one that sorta defines you by the choices you list.  So here's my shot at my own list of those places I've been privileged to visit:

  • The Camino - "THE WAY"³
  • Marks & Co., 84 Charing Cross Road - "84 CHARING CROSS ROAD" by Helene Hanff¹
  • Gormenghast Castle - "THE GORMENGHAST TRILOGY" by Mervyn Peake¹
  • Rocky Beach, California - "THE THREE INVESTIGATORS books" by Robert Arthur¹
  • Albert Square, Walford - "EASTENDERS"²
  • Tuscany - "UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN"³
  • The Island of Mykonos, Greece  -  "SHIRLEY VALENTINE"³
  • Hill House - "THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE" by Shirley Jackson¹
  • Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA  -  "1776"³
  • The Red Dwarf  -  "RED DWARF"²
  • Bagpuss & Co.  -  "BAGPUSS"²
  • The Chauvet Caves, Southern France  -  "CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS"³
  • The Office of Spade & Archer  -  "THE MALTESE FALCON" by Dashiell Hammett¹
  • The Island  -  "LOST"²
  • Letterkenny, Ontario  -  "LETTERKENNY"²
  • Arkham, Innsmouth & Dunwich, Massachusetts  -  "THE WORKS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT"¹
  • Research Dept., Federal Broadcasting Network, Manhattan, NY  -  "DESK SET"³
  • Paradise Cove, Malibu, CA  -  "THE ROCKFORD FILES"²
  • 704 Houser Street, New York City, NY  -  "ALL IN THE FAMILY"²
  • Paris, France 1838  -  "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO" by Alexandre Dumas¹
  • The Bentinck Hotel, London, England  -  "THE DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET"²
  • Dunn's River, Connecticut  -  "SOAP"²
  • Elsinore Castle - "HAMLET" by Willian Shakespeare¹ & "ROSENKRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD" by Tom Stoppard³
  • 001 Cemetery Lane  -  "THE ADDAMS FAMILY"²
  • Quigley Mansion  -  "THE GENE LONDON SHOW"²
  • Antonio Bay, California  -  "THE FOG"³
  • Moon Base Alpha  -  "SPACE: 1999"²
  • Misselthwaite Manor, Yorkshire Moors  -  "THE SECRET GARDEN" by Florence Hodgson Burnett¹
  • 221B Baker Street  -  "THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle¹
  • Keyhouse, Lovecraft, Massachussetts  -  "LOCKE & KEY" by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez¹

And oh, there are so many more . . . . 

¹ - Book
² - TV
³ - Film

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

January 2022 Top Ten List


  2. LILIES OF THE FIELD  (1963)
  3. THE ICEMAN COMETH  (1973)
  6. MEN IN WAR  (1957)
  7. SPENCER  (2021)
  10. ANNA LUCASTA  (1958)

Wednesday, January 19, 2022



A ROUGH DRAFT is a Russian film based on a Russian novel which I haven't read.  That's a shame because the movie (and I'm assuming the novel) is loaded with interesting ideas which probably come across a lot better in the book.  The movie itself concerns a guy named Kirill whose identity is slowly erased from the world and his family and friends no longer know him.  This is done by some government organization that wants to recruit Kirill into becoming a "customs officer" in charge of multiple portals to different version of Earth.  Kirill is set up in a tower in which the portals are accessed by doors and he is given Superman-like powers and also a sort of electronic leash that only allows him to travel 15 kilometers beyond the tower; any more and he suffers pain and his flesh turns him into one of those clear plastic anatomy figures you saw in science class to show the internal organs of humans. 

Once in the job, Kirill (and all other such "agents") can be stabbed or likewise killed and then are able to recover by drinking water.  They are now no longer "human" and have become immortal as well as being able to control objects with their minds.  All these aspects are strongly influenced by THE MATRIX as becomes apparent quite early; Kirill more than once assumed the "bending backwards to avoid bullets" Neo-pose.  Our boy Kirill is apparently the most powerful recruit the government has had for this project (Please don't call him "the one") and is able to open previously closed portals.  Unlike THE MATRIX, Kirill isn't given any choice as to whether or not he's going to join in; his past life is destroyed and if he doesn't cooperate he'll probably be offed.  It seems to me that's not really a good way to ensure job performance.  Consequently, Kirill pretty much constantly rebels (Well, what did you expect, government???  Destroying a guy's entire life doesn't really inspire loyalty!).   Now, there's an alternate earth that's had a nuclear holocaust, a steampunk earth etc.  Then there's a utopian earth where, we discover, they test things out on our regular earth so that the bad and naughty things don't happen in the utopia to spoil things.  Basically, the film is about the inevitable conflict involving all of this stuff; making the regular Earth a "rough draft" for the utopian Earth.

A ROUGH DRAFT is certainly very much influenced by THE MATRIX films, as I've said, but there are SO many more ideas crammed into this movie that sorta made it inevitable that audiences and critics were underwhelmed at the film's near-incomprehensibility.  These leads me to want to read the original book (which the movie apparently took huge liberties with) to see all these ideas fleshed out with room to breathe (I can only assume). Even at nearly 2 hours, A ROUGH DRAFT can barely manage to cram it all in.  Events happen at such a fast clip that the viewer barely has time to register one idea before another is introduced.  The movie is a fragmentary experience as events careen from one to another with the viewer barely able to gasp a "But wait . . . . . what . . . . ???".  Truthfully, this would've worked better as a TV series rather than a movie so that all the concepts and events could happen at a more reasonable rate.  Other reasons given for the poor reputation of A ROUGH DRAFT are the poor acting and cheap CGI effects.  Well, the acting isn't top notch (especially lead actor Nikita Volkov who was probably cast more for his resemblance to a love child between Robert Pattison and Nathan Fillion than for any thespic expertise.  But the acting, as a whole, if OK if not spectacular.  And the CGI is very cheap/fake looking to be sure; however, in my opinion even the best/most expensive CGI still looks extremely fake and cartoony to me so I don't have a problem with this aspect of the film either.  This, to me, is an OK film without being one I'd wholeheartedly recommend.  A ROUGH DRAFT is basically a film that you just have to roll with as it rockets to one set-up to the next with no chance to catch your breath in between.  The ideas are sufficiently interesting that, even if not executed particularly well, still give the viewer something interesting and kinda fun to sit through.  In all truthfulness, I was never bored while watching it.  I just think it needed a much better director -- and even then, I don't think they could've done much more with it without cutting a ton of stuff from the film.  Nah, I think the way to go with this was a TV series.  I hear there's even a sequel to the novel so there's plenty of subject matter to sustain it.  So yeah, A ROUGH DRAFT is an interesting if severely flawed swing and a miss.

Oh and definitely watch it in the original Russian language with subtitles because the dubbing is absolutely awful!

Wednesday, January 05, 2022


 THIS FEELS A BIT PREMATURE (SINCE I HAVEN'T SEEN A LOT OF 2021 MOVIES YET) BUT HERE WE GO.  Last year I spent roughly 6 months on this blog ranking every movie I'd seen in the last hundred years (1920-2020).  But another year's gone by so I might as well do the same for the films I saw from 2021.  And naturally, the more movies I watch, the more chances this will change.  But for now .......

  1. PIG
  15. FEAR STREET:  1994
  16. FEAR STREET:  1978
  17. FEAR STREET:  1666
  23. SEANCE

Friday, December 31, 2021



Mark Eden, 92, actor (Curse of the Crimson Altar, Seance on a Wet Afternoon, An Adventure in Space and Time).

Misty Morgan, 75, singer ("Tennessee Bird Walk").

Jean Panisse, 92, actor (An Angel on Wheels, The Young Wolves, Perched on a Tree).

Sir Brian Urquhart, 101, British diplomat, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations (1971–1985).

Vladimir Korenev, 80, Russian actor (Amphibian Man, Children of Don Quixote, Criminal Talent) and teacher, People's Artist of Russia (1998)

Gerry Marsden, 78, English musician (Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Crowd)

George Gerdes, 72, American singer, songwriter and actor (Amistad, Bats, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

Tanya Roberts, 65, American actress (A View to a Kill, That '70s Show, Charlie's Angels).

Gregory Sierra, 83, American actor (Barney Miller, Sanford and Son, The Other Side of the Wind)

Barbara Shelley, 88, British actress (Village of the Damned, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Quatermass and the Pit)

Lee Heung-kam, 88, Hong Kong actress (Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl, Moonlight Resonance, Can't Buy Me Love).

James Greene, 89, Northern Irish actor (William and Mary, Johnny English, Empire of the Sun).

Alan Igbon, 68, British actor (Boys from the Blackstuff, The Professionals, Coronation Street).

Brian Cowan, 58, Scottish actor (Taggart, Family Affairs, River City).

Dick Kulpa, 66, American cartoonist (Cracked, Weekly World News)

John Richardson, 86, English actor (One Million Years B.C., Black Sunday, Torso)

Gerald Hiken, 93, American actor (Reds, Car 54, Where Are You?, Invitation to a Gunfighter).

Antonio Sabàto Sr., 77, Italian-American actor (Grand Prix, One Dollar Too Many, Due volte Giuda), COVID-19.[90]

Marion Ramsey, 73, American actress (Police Academy, Return to Babylon, Lavalantula) and singer.

Tommy Lasorda, 93, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers, Kansas City Athletics), coach and manager (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Dave Creek, 42, American character designer (Bob's Burgers, Central Park)

Michael Apted, 79, English filmmaker (Up, Coal Miner's Daughter, The World Is Not Enough).

Diana Millay, 85, American actress (Street of Sinners, Dark Shadows, The Secret Storm).

Steve Lightle, 61, American comic book artist (Legion of Super-Heroes, Doom Patrol, The Flash)

Ed Bruce, 81, American singer-songwriter ("Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys", "You're the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had") and actor (Bret Maverick).

Steve Carver, 75, American film director (Lone Wolf McQuade, Big Bad Mama, Capone)

John Reilly, 84, American actor (The Great Waldo Pepper, General Hospital, Sunset Beach, Passions).

Ken Sedd, 81, British television actor (The Benny Hill Show, Doctor Who, Z-Cars).[315]

Betty Lou Holland, 95, American actress.

Pat Loud, 94, American reality TV personality (An American Family).

Julie Strain, 58, American actress (Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult, The Dallas Connection) and model 

Étienne Draber [fr], 81, French actor (May Fools, Madame Bovary, House of D)

Stacy Title, 56, American film director (The Bye Bye Man, The Last Supper, Hood of Horror)

Denis Karasyov, 57, Russian actor (Mute Witness, The Heirs, Viktor).

Tim Bogert, 76, American rock bassist (Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert & Appice, Cactus)

Enrique Pineda Barnet [es], 87, Cuban film director and screenwriter (I Am Cuba).

Mona Malm, 85, Swedish actress (Heja Roland!, Fanny and Alexander, The Tattooed Widow).

Sylvain Sylvain, 69, American guitarist (New York Dolls)

Siegfried Fischbacher, 81, German-American magician and entertainer (Siegfried & Roy)

Duke Bootee, 69, American rapper and songwriter ("The Message")

Larry Willoughby, 73, American country singer-songwriter ("Building Bridges", "Operator, Operator") and music executive, vice-president of A&R at Capitol Records

Peter Mark Richman, 93, American actor (Dynasty, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Poolhall Junkies).

Storm Constantine, 64, British fantasy and science fiction author (Sea Dragon Heir, Grigori Trilogy).

Joanne Rogers, 92, American pianist and puppeteer (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood)

Phil Spector, 81, American Hall of Fame record producer (Wall of Sound), musician (The Teddy Bears) and convicted murderer, founder of Philles Records

Jim MacGeorge, 92, American voice actor (Bionic Six, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Clue Club).

Charlotte Cornwell, 71, English actress (Dressing for Breakfast, The Saint, White Hunter Black Heart)

Jimmie Rodgers, 87, American pop singer ("Honeycomb", "Kisses Sweeter than Wine", "Secretly").

Mira Furlan, 65, Croatian-American actress (Babylon 5, Lost, The Abandoned)

Rémy Julienne, 90, French stuntman (Licence to Kill, Fantômas, The Da Vinci Code)

Nathalie Delon, 79, French actress (When Eight Bells Toll, The Monk, Le Samouraï)

James Purify, 76, American soul singer (James & Bobby Purify)

Ron Campbell, 81, Australian animator (Yellow Submarine, The Flintstones, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh).

Hank Aaron, 86, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Indianapolis Clowns) and civil rights activist.

Sumiko Sakamoto, 84, Japanese actress (The Pornographers, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, The Ballad of Narayama) and singer

Larry King, 87, American Hall of Fame broadcaster (Larry King Live, Larry King Now, Politicking with Larry King).

Tony Ferrer, 86, Filipino actor (The Vengeance of Fu Manchu, Chinatown: Sa Kuko ng Dragon, Manila Boy)

Walter Bernstein, 101, American screenwriter (The Front, Miss Evers' Boys) and film director (Little Miss Marker)

Gunnel Lindblom, 89, Swedish actress (The Silence, Winter Light, The Virgin Spring).

Alberto Grimaldi, 95, Italian film producer (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Gangs of New York, Last Tango in Paris).

Bruce Kirby, 95, American actor (Catch-22, L.A. Law, Stand by Me, Crash).

Peter Vere-Jones, 82, New Zealand actor (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Shortland Street, Xena: Warrior Princess).

Cloris Leachman, 94, American actress (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Last Picture Show, Young Frankenstein)

Ryszard Kotys, 88, Polish actor (The Saragossa Manuscript, Operacja Himmler, Shivers, Świat według Kiepskich).

Marie Harmon, 97, American actress (The El Paso Kid, Secret Beyond the Door, I Married a Woman).

Cicely Tyson, 96, American Hall of Fame actress (Sounder, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The Trip to Bountiful), Tony winner (2013).

Hilton Valentine, 77, English Hall of Fame guitarist (The Animals).

John Chaney, 89, American Hall of Fame college basketball coach (Cheyney State Wolves, Temple Owls).

Neelo, 80, Pakistani actress (Bhowani Junction, Do Raste, Ghunghat).

Allan Burns, 85, American television producer and screenwriter (The Munsters, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda), Emmy winner (1968, 1971, 1977).

Dustin Diamond, 44, American actor (Saved by the Bell) and comedian

Jonas Gricius, 92, Lithuanian cinematographer (Hamlet, The Girl and the Echo, The Blue Bird).

Robert C. Jones, 84, American film editor (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) and screenwriter (Coming Home), Oscar winner (1979).

Jim Weatherly, 77, American Hall of Fame singer-songwriter ("Midnight Train to Georgia", "Neither One of Us", "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me").

Haya Harareet, 89, Israeli actress (Ben-Hur, The Secret Partner, The Interns).

Gil Saunders, American soul singer (Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)

Matt Harris, American rock bassist (The Posies).

Robb Webb, 82, American voice artist (60 Minutes, NFL Films, Fishing with John)

Leon Spinks, 67, American boxer, WBA and WBC heavyweight champion (1978), Olympic champion (1976)

Christopher Plummer, 91, Canadian actor (The Sound of Music, Beginners, All the Money in the World)

George Shultz, 100, American politician, Secretary of State (1982–1989), Secretary of the Treasury (1972–1974), Secretary of Labor (1969–1970).

Harry Fielder, 80, British actor (CBTV, Doctor Who, Blakes 7).

Giuseppe Rotunno, 97, Italian cinematographer (All That Jazz, Amarcord, Sabrina).

S. Clay Wilson, 79, American cartoonist.

Mary Wilson, 76, American Hall of Fame singer (The Supremes).

Rynagh O'Grady, 66, Irish actress (Far and Away, Father Ted, Breakfast on Pluto).

Jean-Claude Carrière, 89, French novelist and screenwriter (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Phantom of Liberty, The Unbearable Lightness of Being).

Larry Flynt, 78, American publisher (Hustler), founder of Larry Flynt Publications, 

Chick Corea, 79, American jazz keyboardist (Return to Forever) and songwriter ("Spain", "500 Miles High")

Lynn Stalmaster, 93, American casting director (Judgment at Nuremberg, Deliverance, Superman).

Christopher Pennock, 76, American actor (Dark Shadows).

Marcia Diamond, 95, Canadian actress (Deranged, Black Christmas, Spy Games).

Louis Clark, 73, English musical arranger (Electric Light Orchestra, Hooked on Classics), conductor, and keyboardist.

Johnny Pacheco, 85, Dominican musician (Fania All-Stars) and label executive (Fania Records)

U-Roy, 78, Jamaican reggae singer.

Gene Taylor, 68, American keyboardist (Canned Heat, The Blasters, The Fabulous Thunderbirds).

Prince Markie Dee, 52, American rapper (The Fat Boys)

Giancarlo Santi, 81, Italian film director (The Grand Duel, Quando c'era lui... caro lei!).

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 101, American poet (A Coney Island of the Mind)

Peter Harris, 87–88, English television director (The Muppet Show, Spitting Image, Bullseye)

Alan Robert Murray, 66, American sound editor (Letters from Iwo Jima, American Sniper, Joker), Oscar winner (2007, 2015).

Peter Ostroushko, 67, American musician.[A Prairie Home Companion]

Ronald Pickup, 80, British actor (The Thirty-Nine Steps, Darkest Hour, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Mission).

Ng Man-tat, 69, Hong Kong actor (God of Gamblers, God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer)

Johnny Briggs, 85, English actor (Coronation Street, Man About the House, Carry On England).

Bunny Wailer, 73, Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter (Bob Marley and the Wailers).

Dick Sheppard, 90, British stuntman (The Italian Job, James Bond films).

Nicola Pagett, 75, Egyptian-born British actress (Frankenstein: The True Story, The Viking Queen, Anne of the Thousand Days, There's a Girl in My Soup).

Tony Hendra, 79, British comedian and actor (This Is Spinal Tap)

Frank Thorne, 90, American comic book writer (Red Sonja).

Carla Wallenda, 85, American acrobat and daredevil (The Flying Wallendas).

David Bailie, 83, South African-born British actor (Pirates of the Caribbean, The House That Jack Built, Doctor Who).

Nikolay Smorchkov, 90, Russian actor (True Friends, The Cranes Are Flying, A Cruel Romance).

Josky Kiambukuta, 72, Congolese singer (TPOK Jazz).

Trevor Peacock, 89, English actor (The Vicar of Dibley, Hamlet, Fred Claus)

Norton Juster, 91, American author (The Phantom Tollbooth, The Dot and the Line, The Hello, Goodbye Window)

Roger Mudd, 93, American broadcast journalist (Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News)

Norman J. Warren, 78, English film director (Satan's Slave, Prey, Terror).

Isela Vega, 81, Mexican actress (Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia), screenwriter and film director

Ray Campi, 86, American rock double bassist.

Thione Seck, 66, Senegalese singer and musician (Orchestra Baobab, Raam Daan).

Ronald DeFeo Jr., 69, American mass murderer.

Reggie Warren, 52, American R&B singer (Troop).

Henry Darrow, 87, American actor (The High Chaparral, The Hitcher, Zorro).

Aurora Cornu, 89, Romanian-born French writer, film director and actress (Claire's Knee, Love in the Afternoon).

Yasuo Ōtsuka, 89, Japanese animator (Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro, Panda and the Magic Serpent, Alakazam the Great, The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots).

Yaphet Kotto, 81, American actor (Live and Let Die, Alien, Homicide: Life on the Street).

Sabine Schmitz, 51, German motor racer (Münnich Motorsport) and television presenter (Top Gear)

Antón García Abril, 87, Spanish composer (Tombs of the Blind Dead, Pancho Villa, Return of the Blind Dead)

George Segal, 87, American actor (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Goldbergs, A Touch of Class)

Jessica Walter, 80, American actress (Arrested Development, Archer, Play Misty for Me), Emmy Award winner (1975).

muMs da Schemer, 52, American actor (Oz, She's Gotta Have It, Hightown) and poet.

Bertrand Tavernier, 79, French film director (A Sunday in the Country, Coup de Torchon, Life and Nothing But) and screenwriter.

Larry McMurtry, 84, American novelist and screenwriter (Lonesome Dove, The Last Picture Show, Brokeback Mountain), Oscar winner (2006)

Beverly Cleary, 104, American children's author (The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ramona, Dear Mr. Henshaw), Newbery Medal winner (1984).

Liu Kai-chi, 66, Hong Kong actor (Cageman, Infernal Affairs II, SPL: Sha Po Lang)

Myra Frances, 78, British actress (Doctor Who),

G. Gordon Liddy, 90, American FBI agent (Watergate scandal).

Cleve Hall, 61, American special effects artist (Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Alienator), make-up artist and actor.

Biff McGuire, 94, American actor (Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Thomas Crown Affair, Serpico).

Morris "B.B." Dickerson, 71, American funk bassist and singer (War).

Giuseppe Pinori [it], 92, Italian cinematographer (Ecce Bombo, Warriors of the Year 2072, Murder Rock).

Lee Aaker, 77, American actor (The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Hondo, Mister Scoutmaster)

Jill Corey, 85, American singer ("Love Me to Pieces", "Let It Be Me").

Willy Kurant, 87, Belgian cinematographer (Les Créatures, Masculin Féminin, The Immortal Story).

John Paragon, 66, American actor (Pee-wee's Playhouse, UHF, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark)

Gloria Henry, 98, American actress (Dennis the Menace, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, Rancho Notorious).

Zygmunt Malanowicz, 83, Polish actor (Knife in the Water, Hunting Flies, Cserepek).

P. Balachandran, 62, Indian actor (Gandhi, Hotel California, Operation Java) and screenwriter.

Robert Fletcher, 98, American costume designer (Star Trek, Fright Night, The Last Starfighter).

Paul Ritter, 54, English actor (Friday Night Dinner, Chernobyl, No Offence)

Frank Jacobs, 91, American comics writer (Mad).

Joye Hummel, 97, American comic book writer (Wonder Woman).

Walter Olkewicz, 72, American actor (Grace Under Fire, Twin Peaks, The Client).

Grischa Huber, 76, German actress (Under the Pavement Lies the Strand, The Serpent's Egg, The Garden).

Bill Owens, 85, American songwriter.

James Hampton, 84, American actor (F Troop, The Longest Yard, Teen Wolf, WarGames) and director

Anne Beatts, 74, American humorist and television writer (National Lampoon, Saturday Night Live, Square Pegs).

Richard Rush, 91, American film director (The Stunt Man, Color of Night, Freebie and the Bean).

Ramsey Clark, 93, American lawyer (Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milošević), attorney general (1966–1969) and deputy attorney general (1965–1967).

Arthur Cox, 87, British actor (Doctor Who, Yes Minister).

DMX, 50, American rapper ("Party Up (Up in Here)", "X Gon' Give It to Ya") and actor (Cradle 2 the Grave)

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 99, Greek-born British royal consort (since 1952).

Enzo Sciotti, 76, Italian artist and illustrator (The Beyond, Demons, The Blood of Heroes).

Joseph Siravo, 66, American actor (The Sopranos, American Crime Story, Oslo)

Giannetto De Rossi, 78, Italian make-up artist (Emanuelle in America, Zombie 2, Dune).

André Maranne, 94, French-born British actor (The Pink Panther, The Square Peg, Night Train to Paris).

Edwin Apps, 89, English actor (The Bargee, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Vatel).

Trader Faulkner, 93, Australian-born British actor (A Killer Walks, The Murder Game, A High Wind in Jamaica).

Rusty Young, 75, American musician (Poco) and songwriter ("Crazy Love", "Shoot for the Moon")

Felix Silla, 84, Italian-born American actor (The Addams Family, The Black Bird, Return of the Jedi) and stuntman

Barry Mason, 85, English songwriter ("Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)", "The Last Waltz", "Delilah").

Helen McCrory, 52, English actress (Peaky Blinders, Harry Potter, The Queen)

Anthony Powell, 85, English costume designer (Death on the Nile, Tess, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Oscar winner (1973, 1979, 1981).

Mike Mitchell, 77, American musician (The Kingsmen).

Walter Mondale, 93, American politician, vice president (1977–1981), member of the U.S. Senate (1964–1976), ambassador to Japan (1993–1996).

Jim Steinman, 73, American musician, composer and lyricist ("Total Eclipse of the Heart, "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)", "It's All Coming Back to Me Now").

Robin Wood, 67, American artist, (Robin Wood tarot deck)

Tempest Storm, 93, American burlesque star and actress.

Monte Hellman, 91, American film director (Two-Lane Blacktop, Beast from Haunted Cave, The Shooting)

Joe Long, 88, American musician (The Four Seasons),

Les McKeown, 65, Scottish singer (Bay City Rollers).

Charles Fries, 92, American producer (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Martian Chronicles, Cat People).

Shock G, 57, American rapper (Digital Underground) and songwriter ("The Humpty Dance", "I Get Around").

Charles Beeson, British television director (EastEnders, Supernatural, The Mentalist)

David Beriain, 43, Spanish journalist and documentary filmmaker

Michael Collins, 90, American astronaut (Apollo 11), Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs (1970–1971)

Nathan Jung, 74, American actor and stuntman (Star Trek: The Original Series, The A-Team, Big Trouble in Little China).

Anita Lane, 61, Australian singer-songwriter (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).

Frank Cox, 80, British television director (Doctor Who, Take the High Road).

Johnny Crawford, 75, American actor (The Rifleman, Village of the Giants, The Space Children) and singer.

Billie Hayes, 96, American actress (H.R. Pufnstuf, The Black Cauldron, Transformers: Rescue Bots).

Frank McRae, 80, American actor (*batteries not included, Licence to Kill) and football player (Chicago Bears)

Tom Hickey, 76–77, Irish actor (Gothic, High Spirits, My Left Foot).

Olympia Dukakis, 89, American actress (Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias, Tales of the City), Oscar winner (1988).

Bobby Unser, 87, American Hall of Fame racing driver, 3-time Indianapolis 500 winner.

Lloyd Price, 88, American Hall of Fame R&B singer ("Personality", "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", "Stagger Lee")

Chuck Hicks, 93, American stuntman (Dick Tracy, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Runaway Train)

Tommy West, 78, American music producer (Life and Times, I Got a Name) and singer-songwriter

John Paul Leon, 49, American comic book artist (Static, Earth X, The Winter Men).

Bob Abernethy, 93, American journalist (NBC News) and television presenter (Religion & Ethics Newsweekly).

Jacques d'Amboise, 86, American ballet dancer, choreographer and actor (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Carousel).

Tawny Kitaen, 59, American actress (The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak, Bachelor Party, Witchboard).

Tony Armatrading, 59, British actor (The Saint, Notting Hill, Alone with Her)

Neil Connery, 83, Scottish actor (O.K. Connery, The Body Stealers).

Norman Lloyd, 106, American actor (St. Elsewhere, Limelight), producer and director (Alfred Hitchcock Presents).

Buddy Van Horn, 92, American stunt performer (High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider) and film director (The Dead Pool).

Blackie Dammett, 81, American actor (National Lampoon's Class Reunion, The Boys Next Door, L.A. Bounty)

Norman Simmons, 91, American pianist, arranger ("Wade in the Water"), and composer.

Jaime Garza, 67, Mexican actor ( Missing, The Falcon and the Snowman)

Charles Grodin, 86, American actor (The Heartbreak Kid, Midnight Run, Beethoven) and comedian, Emmy winner (1978)

Roy Scammell, 88, British stuntman and actor (Alien, Willow, Flash Gordon).

Paul Mooney, 79, American actor (The Buddy Holly Story, Bamboozled), comedian (Chappelle's Show) and writer

Patsy Bruce, 81, American country songwriter ("Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys").

David Anthony Kraft, 68–69, American comic book writer (The Defenders, Captain America)

Desiree Gould, 76, American actress (Sleepaway Camp).

Douglas Mossman, 88, American actor (Hawaii Five-O, Hawaiian Eye)

Genzō Wakayama, 88, Japanese voice actor (Astro Boy, Shin Takarajima, Treasure Island)

Romy Windsor, 57, American actress (Face/Off, The X-Files, Howling IV: The Original Nightmare)

Samuel E. Wright, 74, American actor (The Little Mermaid, Bird, Dinosaur) and singer ("Under the Sea")

Robert Green Hall, 47, American makeup artist (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and film director (Laid to Rest).

Roger Hawkins, 75, American drummer (Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section) and recording studio owner (Muscle Shoals Sound Studio).

Dewayne Blackwell, 84, American songwriter ("Friends in Low Places", "Mr. Blue").

Erin O'Brien, 87, American actress (John Paul Jones, Onionhead, Girl on the Run).

Rusty Warren, 91, American comedian and singer (Knockers Up!).

Paul Soles, 90, Canadian voice actor (Spider-Man, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Redwall).

Jerome Hellman, 92, American film producer (Midnight Cowboy, The Mosquito Coast, Coming Home), Oscar winner (1970).[

Lorina Kamburova, 30, Bulgarian actress  (Nightworld, Leatherface, Doom: Annihilation) and singer

Shane Briant, 74, British actor (Demons of the Mind, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter).

Robert Hogan, 87, American actor (The Lady in Red, Species II, Youth in Oregon)

B. J. Thomas, 78, American singer ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head", "(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song", "Hooked on a Feeling"), Grammy winner (1981),

John Gregg, 82, Australian actor (Armchair Thriller, Bodyline, Heatwave).

Gavin MacLeod, 90, American actor (The Love Boat, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McHale's Navy).

Arlene Golonka, 85, American actress (Mayberry R.F.D., The Andy Griffith Show, Hang 'Em High).

F. Lee Bailey, 87, American attorney (Sam Sheppard, O. J. Simpson).

Damaris Hayman, 91, English actress (Doctor Who, Steptoe and Son, Love Thy Neighbor).

Vilen Galustyan, 80, Armenian ballet dancer and actor (The Color of Pomegranates).

Douglas S. Cramer, 89, American television producer (Wonder Woman, Dynasty, The Love Boat)

Clarence Williams III, 81, American actor (The Mod Squad, Purple Rain, The Butler)

Ben Roberts, 70, British actor (The Bill, Jane Eyre, A Little Chaos).

Ernie Lively, 74, American actor (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Fire Down Below, The Dukes of Hazzard)

Ned Beatty, 83, American actor (Network, Deliverance, Superman).

Robert Sacchi, 89, actor  (The Man with Bogart's Face)

John Gabriel, 90, American actor (Ryan's Hope, Stagecoach, The Mary Tyler Moore Show).

Raul de Souza, 86, Brazilian trombonist (Sérgio Mendes, Baden Powell, Milton Nascimento)

Lisa Banes, 65, American actress (Cocktail, Young Guns, Gone Girl)

Vladimir Shatalov, 93, Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz 4, Soyuz 8, Soyuz 10), twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Frank Bonner, 79, American actor (WKRP in Cincinnati, Just the Ten of Us) and television director (City Guys)

Takeshi Terauchi, 82, Japanese rock guitarist and actor (Golden Album, Ereki no Wakadaishō),

Nina Divíšková, 84, Czech actress (Morgiana, Shameless).

Joanne Linville, 93, American actress (A Star Is Born, Scorpio, James Dean).

Jackie Lane, 79, British actress (Doctor Who, Compact, An Adventure in Space and Time)

Clare Peploe, 79, British-Italian film director (High Season, The Triumph of Love) and screenwriter (Zabriskie Point).

John McAfee, 75, British-American computer programmer and businessman (McAfee Associates), 

Olga Barnet, 69, Russian actress (Solaris, The Flight of Mr. McKinley, Takeoff).

Wes, 57, Cameroonian singer ("Alane")

Stuart Damon, 84, American actor (General Hospital, The Champions), kidney failure.

Donald Rumsfeld, 88, American politician, Secretary of Defense (1975–1977, 2001–2006) and member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1963–1969).

Kartal Tibet, 83, Turkish actor (Tarkan Versus the Vikings) and film director (Tosun Paşa, Şalvar Davası).

Bill Ramsey, 90, German-American jazz singer and actor (Music in the Blood, The Adventures of Count Bobby, Old Shatterhand).

Vladimir Menshov, 81, Russian film director (Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Love and Pigeons) and actor (The General), 

Raffaella Carrà, 78, Italian singer ("A far l'amore comincia tu") and actress (Caesar the Conqueror, Von Ryan's Express).

Richard Donner, 91, American film director (The Goonies, Superman, Lethal Weapon).

Suzzanne Douglas, 64, American actress (The Parent 'Hood, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Jason's Lyric).

Robert Downey Sr., 85, American actor (To Live and Die in L.A.), film director (Up the Academy, Putney Swope), and producer.

Jovenel Moïse, 53, Haitian politician and entrepreneur, president (since 2017)

Anne Stallybrass, 82, English actress (Countess Dracula, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Heartbeat, Diana: Her True Story).

William Smith, 88, American actor (Fast Company, Rich Man, Poor Man, Any Which Way You Can).

Chick Vennera, 74, American actor (Thank God It's Friday, Animaniacs, The Milagro Beanfield War)

Kumar Ramsay, 85, Indian scriptwriter (Purana Mandir, Darwaza, Saamri, 2001: Do Hazaar Ek) and film producer.

Volair Johnson, Jamaican actor (The Harder They Come, Milk and Honey).

Charlie Robinson, 75, American actor (Night Court, Sugar Hill, The Black Gestapo), 

Joan Le Mesurier, 90, English actress and author.

Gary Corbett, American rock keyboardist (Cinderella, Kiss) and songwriter ("She Bop")

William F. Nolan, 93, American author (Logan's Run) and screenwriter (Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings).

Harry M. Rosenfeld, 91, American newspaper editor (The Washington Post)

Biz Markie, 57, American rapper ("Just a Friend") and actor (Men in Black II, Yo Gabba Gabba!)

Pilar Bardem, 82, Spanish actress (Good Morning, Little Countess, Nobody Will Speak of Us When We're Dead, The Doubt), Goya Award winner (1996), 

Mary Ward, 106, Australian actress (Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Neighbours).

Françoise Arnoul, 90, French actress (French Cancan, The Devil and the Ten Commandments, Forbidden Fruit).

Jerry Granelli, 80, American-born Canadian jazz drummer (A Charlie Brown Christmas).

Thomas Rajna, 92, Hungarian-born British pianist and composer (Seven Years in Tibet, Jet Storm).

Alfred Biolek, 87, German entertainer and television producer (Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus).

John Cornell, 80, Australian film producer, writer (Crocodile Dundee, Crocodile Dundee II) and actor (The Paul Hogan Show)

Mike Mitchell, 65, Scottish actor (Gladiator, Braveheart) and bodybuilder.

Jackie Mason, 93, American comedian and actor (The Simpsons, The Jerk, Caddyshack II), Emmy winner (1988, 1992).

Alfie Scopp, 101, English-born Canadian actor (Tales of the Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer).

Rick Aiello, 65, American actor (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Do the Right Thing, The Sopranos), pancreatic cancer.

Joey Jordison, 46, American musician (Slipknot, Murderdolls, Sinsaenum).

Ray McBride, 69, Irish actor (Into the West, Pete's Meteor, Angela's Ashes) and dancer.

Dusty Hill, 72, American musician (ZZ Top).

Clive Scott, 84, South African actor (My Way, Beat the Drum, Winnie Mandela).

Ron Popeil, 86, American inventor and businessman (Ronco).

Saginaw Grant, 85, American Sac and Fox actor (The Lone Ranger, Harts of the West, The Ridiculous 6).

Thea White, 81, American voice actress (Courage the Cowardly Dog),

Alvin Ing, 89, American singer and actor (The Final Countdown, Stir Crazy, The Gambler).

Reg Gorman, 89, Australian actor (The Sullivans, Fergus McPhail, Neighbours), 

Dennis Thomas, 70, American saxophonist (Kool & the Gang).

Markie Post, 70, American actress (Night Court, The Fall Guy, Hearts Afire), 

Brad Allan, 48, Australian martial artist, action choreographer and stunt performer (Rush Hour 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Anupam Shyam, 63, Indian actor (Parzania, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Slumdog Millionaire).

Jane Withers, 95, American actress (Giant, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Paddy O'Day).

Alex Cord, 88, American actor (Airwolf, Stagecoach, The Brotherhood).

Pat Hitchcock, 93, English-born American actress (Stage Fright, Strangers on a Train, Psycho).

Don Jones, 83, American sound engineer (One Potato, Two Potato), screenwriter/director (The Forest) and cinematographer (The House of Seven Corpses).

Una Stubbs, 84, English actress (Till Death Us Do Part, Worzel Gummidge, Sherlock).

Ken Hutchison, 72, Scottish actor (Straw Dogs, All Quiet on the Western Front, Ladyhawke).

Joey Ambrose, 87, American Hall of Fame saxophonist (Bill Haley & His Comets).

Dilys Watling, 78, English actress (Calculated Risk, Two Left Feet, Theatre of Death).

Enzo Facciolo [it], 89, Italian comic book artist (Diabolik).

Nanci Griffith, 68, American singer-songwriter ("Love at the Five and Dime", "Outbound Plane"), Grammy winner (1994).

Jerry Fujio, 81, Japanese singer and actor (Yojimbo, Ereki no Wakadaishō, The Stingiest Man in Town), 

Sean Lock, 58, English comedian (15 Storeys High, 8 Out of 10 Cats, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown),

Sonny Chiba, 82, Japanese actor (The Street Fighter, The Storm Riders, Kill Bill: Volume 1) and martial artist, 

Rock Demers, 87, Canadian film producer (The Dog Who Stopped the War, The Peanut Butter Solution, Vincent and Me),

Jill Murphy, 72, British author (The Worst Witch),

Tom T. Hall, 85, American Hall of Fame singer-songwriter ("Harper Valley PTA", "I Love", "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died").

Don Everly, 84, American Hall of Fame singer (The Everly Brothers) and songwriter ("Cathy's Clown", "When Will I Be Loved").

Micki Grant, 80, American playwright (Your Arms Too Short to Box with God, Working) and actress (Another World).

Marilyn Eastman, 87, American actress (Night of the Living Dead).

Brick Bronsky, 57, American professional wrestler (Stampede) and actor (Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., The Quest),

Eddie Paskey, 81, American actor (Star Trek).

Charlie Watts, 80, English Hall of Fame drummer (The Rolling Stones, Blue's Incorporated).

Roman Gromadskiy [ru], 80, Russian actor (King Lear, A Lover's Romance, The Circus Burned Down, and the Clowns Have Gone).

Ed Asner, 91, American actor (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Elf, Up, JFK), president of the Screen Actors Guild (1981–1985), 7-time Emmy winner.

Lee "Scratch" Perry, 85, Jamaican reggae musician (The Upsetters), songwriter ("Run for Cover", "Police and Thieves") and record producer.

Peggy Farrell, 89, American costume designer (Dog Day Afternoon, Holocaust, The Stepford Wives), Emmy winner (1978).

Willard Scott, 87, American weatherman (Today) and creator of Ronald McDonald.

Ion Caramitru, 79, Romanian actor (Citizen X, Adam & Paul, Charlie Countryman) and politician, minister of culture (1996–2000).

Tony Selby, 83, English actor (Get Some In!, Doctor Who, Witchfinder General),

Jean-Paul Belmondo, 88, French actor (Breathless, That Man from Rio, Pierrot le Fou).

Irma Kalish, 96, American television writer and producer (Good Times, The Facts of Life, Family Affair, All in the Family),

Rickie Lee Reynolds, 72, American rock guitarist (Black Oak Arkansas).

Michael K. Williams, 54, American actor (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Bessie).

Nino Castelnuovo, 84, Italian actor (Rocco and His Brothers, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Five Man Army).

Hadj Smaine Mohamed Seghir, 88, Algerian actor (The Battle of Algiers, The Winds of the Aures, Chronicle of the Years of Fire).

Franco Graziosi, 92, Italian actor (The Terrorist, Duck, You Sucker!, We Have a Pope).

Art Metrano, 84, American actor (Police Academy, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Joanie Loves Chachi) and comedian.

Big Daddy Graham, 68, American radio presenter (WIP-FM) and comedian.

Sarah Harding, 39, English singer (Girls Aloud) and actress (Run for Your Wife, St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold)

Art Metrano, 84, American actor (Police Academy, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Joanie Loves Chachi) and comedian.

Saadi Yacef, 93, Algerian independence fighter and actor (The Battle of Algiers).

Carlo Alighiero [it], 94, Italian actor (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia, Silent Action) and voice actor.

Fran Bennett, 84, American actress (Nightingales, Sunset Beach, New Nightmare).

Ben Best, 46, American screenwriter (Eastbound & Down) and actor (Superbad, Land of the Lost).

Don Maddox, 98, American country singer (Maddox Brothers and Rose)

Don Collier, 92, American actor (Outlaws, The High Chaparral, The Young Riders)

Norm Macdonald, 61, Canadian comedian, actor, and screenwriter (Saturday Night Live, The Norm Show, Dirty Work), 

Gloria Warren, 95, American actress (Dangerous Money, Cinderella Swings It, Bells of San Fernando) and singer.

Philippe Adrien, 82, French actor (Green Harvest) and playwright.

Joel Rapp, 87, American film director and television writer (High School Big Shot, McHale's Navy, Gilligan's Island).

Jane Powell, 92, American actress (A Date with Judy, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Royal Wedding), singer and dancer.

Jimmy Garrett, 66, American actor (The Lucy Show).

John Challis, 79, English actor (Only Fools and Horses, The Green Green Grass, Benidorm) and comedian.

Stephen Critchlow, 54, British actor (Skins, Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!, Rocket Boy and Toro).[14] (death announced on this date)

Morris Perry, 96, English actor (Nothing But the Night, The Avengers, Z-Cars).

Tim Donnelly, 77, American actor (Emergency!, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, The Toolbox Murders).

Sarah Dash, 76, American singer (Labelle).

Richard H. Kirk, 65, English electronic musician (Cabaret Voltaire, Sweet Exorcist) and songwriter ("Yashar").

Willie Garson, 57, American actor (Sex and the City, White Collar, John from Cincinnati), 

Al Harrington, 85, Samoan-American actor (Hawaii Five-O).

Peter Palmer, 90, American actor (Li'l Abner, Custer).

Robert Fyfe, 90, Scottish actor (Last of the Summer Wine, Around the World in 80 Days, Cloud Atlas).

Melvin Van Peebles, 89, American film director, actor and playwright (Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Posse, Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death).

Roger Michell, 65, South African-born British film director (Notting Hill, Venus, My Cousin Rachel).

Jay Sandrich, 89, American Hall of Fame television director (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Cosby Show, Soap, Seems Like Old Times), 4-time Emmy winner.

Pee Wee Ellis, 80, American saxophonist, composer and arranger.

Alan Lancaster, 72, English rock bassist (Status Quo, The Party Boys), 

George Frayne IV, 77, American country singer and keyboardist (Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen),

Tommy Kirk, 79, American actor (Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones).

Ravil Isyanov, 59, Russian-born American actor (GoldenEye, K-19: The Widowmaker, Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

Cynthia Harris, 87, American actress (Mad About You, Edward & Mrs. Simpson, Three Men and a Baby).

Gerald Home, 70, British actor (Return of the Jedi), 

Elio Pandolfi, 95, Italian actor (Too Much Romance... It's Time for Stuffed Peppers, In Olden Days, Obiettivo ragazze, For a Few Dollars Less)

Ruthie Tompson, 111, American animator (Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo).

Bob Herron, 97, American stuntman (Spartacus, Diamonds Are Forever, Rocky) and actor, 

Paddy Moloney, 83, Irish musician (The Chieftains) and producer.

Andrea Haugen, 52, German singer (Cradle of Filth), writer and model, arrow wounds.

Dorothy Steel, 95, American actress (Black Panther, Poms, Jumanji: The Next Level).

Diane Weyermann, 66, American film producer (Collective, An Inconvenient Truth, RBG)

Paul Salata, 94, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Colts) and actor (Angels in the Outfield).

Sir David Amess, 69, British politician, MP (since 1983)

Alan Hawkshaw, 84, British composer (Grange Hill, Countdown, Channel 4 news) and pianist,

Ron Tutt, 83, American drummer (Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison).

Betty Lynn, 95, American actress (The Andy Griffith Show, Cheaper by the Dozen, Meet Me in Las Vegas).

Denise Bryer, 93, British voice actress (Terrahawks, Return to Oz, Labyrinth).

Sean Wainui, 25, New Zealand rugby union player (Taranaki, Chiefs, Māori All Blacks)

Toshihiro Iijima, 89, Japanese film director (Ultra Q, Daigoro vs. Goliath, Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact) and screenwriter

Colin Powell, 84, American general and politician, secretary of State (2001–2005), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993) and National Security advisor (1987–1989),

Roy Horan, 71, American actor (Game of Death II, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow) and martial artist.

Tom Gray, 70, American musician (The Brains, Delta Moon) and songwriter ("Money Changes Everything"),

Geoffrey Chater, 100, British actor (Mapp & Lucia, Callan, Barry Lyndon).

Jack Angel, 90, American voice actor (Voltron, The Transformers, A.I. Artificial Intelligence).

Leslie Bricusse, 90, British composer (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory), lyricist ("Goldfinger", "You Only Live Twice") and playwright, Oscar winner (1968, 1983).

Ralph Carmichael, 94, American composer (The Blob, My Mother the Car) and arranger.

Martha Henry, 83, American-born Canadian actress (The Wars, Dancing in the Dark, Mustard Bath).

Allan Wilmot, 96, Jamaican-born British singer (The Southlanders) and World War II veteran.

Robin McNamara, 74, American singer-songwriter ("Lay a Little Lovin' on Me") and musician.

Halyna Hutchins, 42, Ukrainian-American cinematographer (Archenemy, Darlin', Rust), 

George Butler, 78, British-American filmmaker (Pumping Iron, The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition, Going Upriver).

Peter Scolari, 66, American actor (Newhart, Bosom Buddies, Girls), Emmy winner (2016)

Tatyana Bestayeva [ru], 84, Russian actress (Man Follows the Sun, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Seven Old Men and a Girl).

JoAnna Cameron, 70, American actress (The Secrets of Isis, I Love My Wife, Pretty Maids All in a Row), 

James Michael Tyler, 59, American actor (Friends, Motel Blue)

Sonny Osborne, 83, American bluegrass musician (Osborne Brothers) and banjo player, 

Fabrizio Calvi, 67, French investigative journalist (Libération) and writer,

Mort Sahl, 94, Canadian-born American comedian and actor (In Love and War, All the Young Men).

William Shelby, 65, American funk musician (Dynasty, Lakeside).

Camille Saviola, 71, American actress (The Purple Rose of Cairo, Addams Family Values, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Dean Shek, 71, Hong Kong actor (Drunken Master, A Better Tomorrow II, The Dragon from Russia), 

Peter Watson-Wood, 92, British film producer (Mad Dogs and Englishmen, The Wicker Tree).

Ronnie Wilson, 73, American R&B musician (The Gap Band).

Lionel Blair, 92, Canadian-born English actor (The Limping Man, The Cool Mikado), choreographer and television presenter (Name That Tune).

Declan Mulligan, 83, Irish-born American rock musician (The Beau Brummels).

Phil Lonergan, Irish stuntman (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Tomorrow Never Dies, Black Widow).

Bob Baker, 82, British screenwriter (Wallace and Gromit, Doctor Who, K-9).

Astro, 64, British singer and musician (UB40).

Clifford Rose, 92, British actor (Tell Me Lies, Work Is a Four-Letter Word, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides).

Silvio Laurenzi [it], 85, Italian costume designer (Spasmo, Il coltello di ghiaccio, The Case of the Bloody Iris) and actor.

Enrique Rocha, 81, Mexican actor (Satánico pandemonium, Yo compro esa mujer, El Privilegio de Amar).

Dean Stockwell, 85, American actor (Quantum Leap, Married to the Mob, Long Day's Journey Into Night, The Dunwich Horror).

Evette Benton, 68, American soul ("Games People Play") and disco singer.

Vegar Hoel [no], 47, Norwegian actor (Dead Snow, Børning 2, Occupied).

Roy Holder, 75, English actor (Sorry!, Pride & Prejudice, Robin Hood).

Gwyneth Guthrie, 84, Scottish actress (Take the High Road).

Jerry Douglas, 88, American actor (The Young and the Restless).

Graeme Edge, 80, English Hall of Fame drummer (The Moody Blues), songwriter and poet, 

Henry Woolf, 91, British actor (The Bed Sitting Room, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Gorky Park).

John Pearson, 91, British author (James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007).

David Fox, 80, Canadian actor (Mama, Grey Owl, X-Men).

Joe Siracusa, 99, American drummer (Spike Jones and His City Slickers) and music editor (The Transformers, The Incredible Hulk).

Heath Freeman, 41, American actor (Raising the Bar, Bones, Skateland).

Igor Savochkin, 58, Russian actor (Night Watch, Admiral, Leviathan) and television presenter.

Dave Frishberg, 88, American jazz pianist and songwriter ("I'm Just a Bill", "Van Lingle Mungo").

Art LaFleur, 78, American actor (Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, The Santa Clause 2)

Keith Allison, 79, American singer and bassist (Paul Revere & the Raiders).

Will Ryan, 72, American voice actor (The Land Before Time, The Little Mermaid, An American Tail) and singer.

Billy Hinsche, 70, American musician (Dino, Desi & Billy, The Beach Boys)

Peter Aykroyd, 66, Canadian comedian (Saturday Night Live) and actor (Coneheads, Nothing but Trouble).

Joey Morgan, 28, American actor (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Critters: A New Binge, Flower).

Robert Bly, 94, American poet (Iron John: A Book About Men, The Sibling Society).

Bernard Holley, 81, British actor (Z-Cars, Doctor Who)

Mick Rock, 72, British photographer.

Lou Cutell, 91, American actor (Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Betty White's Off Their Rockers, Seinfeld).

Marie Versini, 81, French actress (A Holiday with Piroschka, The Brides of Fu Manchu, Is Paris Burning?).

Mary Collinson, 69, Maltese-British model and actress.

Lisa Brown, 67, American actress (As the World Turns, Guiding Light).

Marilyn McLeod, 82, American singer-songwriter ("Love Hangover", "You Can't Turn Me Off (In the Middle of Turning Me On)").

Don Phillips, 80, American casting director (Dog Day Afternoon, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and producer (Melvin and Howard).

Stephen Sondheim, 91, American composer and lyricist (West Side Story, Company, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

David Gulpilil, 68, Australian actor (Walkabout, Charlie's Country, Crocodile Dundee)

Arlene Dahl, 96, American actress (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Three Little Words, A Southern Yankee, Reign of Terror).

Tommy Lane, 83, American actor (Live and Let Die, Shaft).

Dave Draper, 79, American bodybuilder, actor (Lord Love a Duck, Don't Make Waves), and author.

Stonewall Jackson, 89, American country singer ("Waterloo", "B.J. the D.J.", "I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water")

Bob Dole, 98, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1961–1969) and Senate (1969–1996)

Sir Antony Sher, 72, South African-born British actor (Stanley, Shakespeare in Love, The Wolfman)

Martha De Laurentiis, 67, American film producer (Breakdown, Hannibal, U-571).

Inés Morales [es], 69, Spanish actress (El Retorno de Walpurgis, Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Watch Out, We're Mad!).

Denis O'Brien, 80, American talent manager (George Harrison) and film producer (Monty Python's Life of Brian, Time Bandits).

Rhonda Stubbins White, 60, American actress (Ruthless, Days of Our Lives, Their Eyes Were Watching God)

Robbie Shakespeare, 68, Jamaican bassist (Sly and Robbie, Black Uhuru) and record producer.

Ralph Tavares, 79, American singer (Tavares).

Steve Bronski, 61, Scottish keyboardist (Bronski Beat).

Lina Wertmüller, 93, Italian film director (Seven Beauties, Love and Anarchy, Swept Away) and screenwriter.

Cara Williams, 96, American actress (The Defiant Ones, Pete and Gladys, Boomerang).

Al Unser, 82, American Hall of Fame racing driver, four-time Indianapolis 500 winner, IndyCar champion (1983, 1985)

Themsie Times, 72, South African actress (Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, Dangerous Ground, Stander).

Larry Sellers, 72, American actor (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).[46]

Garth Dennis, 72, Jamaican reggae musician (Black Uhuru, The Wailing Souls).

Michael Nesmith, 78, American musician (The Monkees) and songwriter ("Different Drum", "Joanne").

Anne Rice, 80, American author (The Vampire Chronicles), complications from a stroke.

Les Emmerson, 77, Canadian singer (Five Man Electrical Band).

Joe Simon, 85, American soul and R&B singer ("The Chokin' Kind", "Get Down, Get Down (Get on the Floor)", "Power of Love").

Keiko Nobumoto, 57, Japanese screenwriter (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, Tokyo Godfathers), esophageal cancer.

Buddy Merrill, 85, American steel guitarist (The Lawrence Welk Show).

Kevin Billington, 87, British film director (The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, The Light at the Edge of the World, Interlude).

Bridget Hanley, 80, American actress (Here Come the Brides, Harper Valley PTA), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Wanda Young, 78, American singer (The Marvelettes).

Hub, 62, American bass guitarist (The Roots), multiple myeloma.

Paul Mitchell, American singer (The Floaters).

Gérard Poirier, 91, Canadian actor (The Heat Line, Matusalem, Stay with Me).

Joan Didion, 87, American writer (Run, River, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, The Year of Magical Thinking), complications from Parkinson's disease.

Richard Conway, 79, English visual effects artist (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Brazil, Sunshine).

Jaime Comas, 85, Spanish screenwriter (A Fistful of Dollars, The Shark Hunter, The Glass Sphinx).

Nicholas Georgiade, 88, American actor (The Untouchables).

Sally Ann Howes, 91, English actress (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dead of Night, The Admirable Crichton) and singer.

Robin Le Mesurier, 68, British guitarist (The Wombles), cancer.

Desmond Tutu, 90, South African Anglican cleric and civil rights activist, bishop of Johannesburg (1985–1986) and archbishop of Cape Town (1986–1996), Nobel Prize laureate (1984).

May Winn, actor  (The Caine Mutiny)

Michael Constantine, actor  (Room 222, The Night That Panicked America).

Lois De Benzie, actor  (Addams Family Values, Tootsie).

Ruthie Thompson, animator  (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

Yvonne Wilder, actor (Seems Like Old Times, The Return of Count Yorga).

Leon Gast, director  (When We Were Kings).

Emi Wada, costume designer  (Ran).

Martha Stewart, actor  (In A Lonely Place).

Joyce MacKenzie, actor  (Broken Arrow).

Val Bisoglio, actor  (Saturday Night Fever).

Suzzanne Douglas, actor  (How Stella Got Her Groove Back).

Joan Weldon, actor  (Them!).

Jack Hedley, 92, British actor (The New York Ripper, For Your Eyes Only, Colditz).

Harvey Evans, 80, American actor (West Side Story).

Jean-Marc Vallée, 58, Canadian film and television director (Dallas Buyers Club, The Young Victoria, Big Little Lies), Emmy winner (2017).

Sarah Weddington, 76, American attorney (Roe v. Wade) and politician, member of the Texas House of Representatives (1973–1977) and White House Political Director (1979–1981).

April Ashley, 86, English model, actress (The Road to Hong Kong), and writer

John Madden, 85, football coach/sportscaster

Alfonso Mejía, 87, Mexican actor (Los Olvidados, Vacations in Acapulco, The Boxer).

Renato Scarpa, 82, Italian actor (Il Postino: The Postman, Suspiria, Don’t Look Now)

Betty White, 99, American actress (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls)