Saturday, January 28, 2006

THE TOP TEN LIST OF JANUARY Cerpts Satellite Radio (home of the increasingly popular cult radio show "The Dark Forest) presents their monthly list of the most played songs and albums in the month of January. The songs and albums are listed alphabetically. Payola is not necessary but it couldn't hoit. THE TOP TEN TUNES OF JANUARY 2006 1. Crazy - Alanis Morissette 2. Halo (Live) - Depeche Mode 3. I'll Be Back - The Beatles 4. In Your Room (Live) - Depeche Mode 5. It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys 6. Love On the Rocks - Neil Diamond 7. Spend Some Time - Brand New Heavies 8. True Faith - New Order 9. Walking In My Shoes (Live) - Depeche Mode 10. We're Going Wrong (Live) - Cream 11. World In My Eyes (Live) - Depeche Mode THE TOP TEN ALBUMS OF JANUARY 2006 1. Back In Town - The Kingston Trio 2. Devotional - Depeche Mode 3. Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - The Dead Kennedys 4. Mind Bomb - The The 5. Once More, With Feeling - Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6. Playing the Angel - Depeche Mode 7. Pot Noodle Cerpts - Various Artists 8. The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths 9. Uncut Presents John Peel's Festive 15 - Various Artists 10. Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon - John Lennon

Thursday, January 19, 2006

JUMPING THE SHARK We all remember that immortal moment in "Happy Days" when the Fonz jumped the shark. As I'm sure you know, this moment has become immortalized in popular culture as a term for when a TV show began to go downhill. Some are legendary: the introduction of Oliver on "the Brady Bunch" or when Gloria and Meathead moved away on "All In the Family". Others are less clear and more debatable: when John Cleese left "Monty Python's Flying Circus" in season 4 or when James Evans Sr. was killed offscreen in an auto crash on "Good Times". For those of us with popcorn for brains, a really fun site copiously examines this phenomenon of the airwaves; fittingly the site is actually called "Jump the Shark" The site features a shockingly extensive list of TV shows (from British soaps like "EastEnders" to little remembered gems like "The Mothers-In-Law"). Has "South Park" jumped the shark yet??? When exactly did "Star Trek" jump the shark; was it really the "Spock's Brain" episode or did it happen somewhere else. Boob tube boobs (like me) may find the site to contain some diverting fun. We all grew up in the glow of a cathode ray (even those who won't admit it) so give the site a look for a giggle or two. And while we're talking TV: I still adore Felicity Kendal. . . "she's sweetly pretty..." someone said somewhere.

Monday, January 09, 2006

2005 PENGUIN AWARDS At last, the results of the 2005 Penguin Awards shall be announced. Alert the media! Call out the hounds! Release the stereotypical MTV video white doves! These are the talented yahoos who have brought home the prize. . .the dream of every musician. The coveted Penguin Award. The winners are: SONG OF THE YEAR: Edible Flowers by The Finn Brothers ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Picaresque by The Decemberists COVER SONG OF THE YEAR: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by Neil Finn DUET OF THE YEAR: What Can I Do? by Antony & the Johnsons & Rufus Wainwright BEST ALBUM COVER ART: I Am A Bird Now by Antony & the Johnsons Congratulations to all the winners. There ain't no cash in it so that's all you get!