Saturday, December 02, 2006

"SIT DOWN GIRL! I THINK I LOVE YOU!" -- So, I just got the Clerks II DVD. Now, I already saw it in the theatre when it came out and loved it (as you'll know from my blog last summer) and frankly think it's one of his best films. However, now that I've had the DVD for about a day or two, I've been endlessly repeating the scene which is fast becoming my favourite in the movie. That is, the scene where Becky (Rosario Dawson) tries to teach Dante (Brian O'Halloran) how to dance on Mooby's roof. Not only is it probably the best use of a song in a movie I've seen all year (The Jackson 5's "ABC") but it's simply fucking joyous! Dante realizes for the first time (maybe consciously, certainly SUBconsciously) that he really loves Becky and not his fiancee. Kevin Smith's direction and editing of the scene is perfect; from the cutaways to the rest of the cast overhearing the song and bopping to it to the BRILLIANT musical dance number which spontaneously breaks out on the street. It's totally fantasy land but perfectly captures what's going on in the film as the passersby on the street bust out into some sort of music video dance routine. Now, I've always kind of ignored the song "ABC" as an overly-catchy simple tune which opened the Jackson 5 cartoon. HOWEVER, that song has an amazing groove and, while not yet displacing my actual favourite Jackson 5 song (that would be "The Love You Save"), it's now solidly ensconced at number TWO! Fucking joyous, man, that's all I can say. I'll see ya later; I'm gonna go watch it again.


Dis Guy said...

Hahaha hehehe he ahhh.. you said ensconced

Cerpts said...

Is that like the thing that goes around the wall???