Thursday, August 23, 2007

OK NOW LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. This guy now says that the War in Iraq is just like Vietnam? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the same guy who said several years ago that people were WRONG for comparing this war to Vietnam? You know, before he told us "Mission Accomplished". Now let's see, how many years ago was THAT exactly??? So what he's ACTUALLY saying is that: Yeah, he actually DID embroil us all in another Vietnam. Well, at least he's finally come right out and said it.
But anyway, suppose we take him at his word. If this war IS just like Vietnam then, far from "not pulling out" (he says in his "compensating for something/erectile dysfunction" way), I would think that what he's REALLY saying is that we SHOULD leave. Like right now. Today. I guess the guy's a little confused (certainly not a new sensation for him). After all, the whole "domino theory" that kept us in Vietnam INTERMINABLY was proven totally false since Vietnam has proven to be NO threat to world peace before, during or after the Vietnam War. So consequently, if Iraq is just like Vietnam then leaving IMMEDIATELY will cause no problems whatsoever. Cool. Thanks for the heads up. And also, since the major problems occurred NOT from leaving Vietnam but for STAYING -- things started to get better in this country the moment that last helicopter lifted off from the embassy roof -- I'd say that W. is trying to tell us that we need to leave Iraq IMMEDIATELY. Just drop and run. So, uh. . .thanks for the tip, W.


Dis Guy said...

Okay but how does this tie in with giving us a really great October?

Pax Romano said...

This country got just what it deserved when it reelected this buffoon for a second time.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Cerpts said...


Actually the American people only elected him once. It was that electoral college what done it first. But, for the simple act of electing him in 2004 AFTER seeing all he got up to, it counts the same as DOUBLE DUMB. And double the shame too.

Well, since the last time I checked it was still August, I suppose it would just be SILLY to look for stuff I said I was gonna do in October NOW, wouldn't it? Of course, we NEVER loved you for your BRAINS, now did we???