Saturday, March 14, 2009

Night Flight bumpers

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Cerpts said...

Near and dear to my heart was the 80's cable TV phenomenon NIGHT FLIGHT! And that's why I've posted these bumpers here. That soaring logo over the night-lit cityscape as Pat Prescott's gorgeous voice soothed us late night viewers into a comfortable cocoon of bizarreness! As I recall, NIGHT FLIGHT was on the USA cable network late on Friday and Saturday nights -- and after the couple hours of NIGHT FLIGHT aired . . . they would immediately PLAY IT AGAIN so that you could literally stay up all night and watch NIGHT FLIGHT.

The treasured NIGHT FLIGHT reminiscences always refer to the fact that anyone coming home from a particularly lousy Friday night out drinking and partying could switch on NIGHT FLIGHT and settle down in front of the TV in whatever mind-altered state they happened to be in -- combined with a drowsy late-night sleep deprivation -- and watch the strange combination of New Wave rock videos, old Bela Lugosi movies, Church of the Sub Genius recruitment films featuring the iconic pipe-smoking image of BOB, the French cartoon film FANTASTIC PLANET, a Kate Bush concert live at Hammersmith Odeon, the original Superman cartoons from the 1930's and 1940's by the Fleischer Brothers, Cat Stevens' MOONSHADOW cartoon narrated by Spike Milligan, the ever-beloved film J-MEN FOREVER which takes old 30s & 40's serials and redubs them (a la Woody Allen's WHAT'S UP TYGER LILY) or any number of other bizarre viewing choices that meant so much to viewers like me who were a little off the wall!

Apparently someone has finally acquired the rights to NIGHT FLIGHT (in 2007) and will HOPEFULLY begin releasing DVDs of the precious and much missed show for all of us to relive once again.