Wednesday, April 01, 2009

LURGI STRIKES THE CERPTS STUDIO! I must apologize for my absence in The Land of Cerpts and Honey as well as our sister blog Bathed In The Light From Andromeda; this occurrence owes itself to the fact that the dreaded disease Lurgi has infiltrated the Cerpts Studios for almost ALL of March. This has led to a vast curtailing of blogging activity -- as you may well have noticed. However, I (and my dedicated staff) have nearly all managed to purge the Lurgi from our systems which means that there SHOULD be more frequent content ahead.
I would also like to take special note of the long-delayed new audio postings on BATHED IN THE LIGHT FROM ANDROMEDA. Because of the long absence, I have decided to give you all a special treat: the Master of Menace himself Vincent Price is holding court over at our sister blog so grab a broomstick and fly on over!

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