Friday, August 21, 2009

PENGUIN AWARDS IN CRISIS!!! A call goes out to all those reading this blog. This year has proven to be the leanest year in music since the Penguin Awards began way back in 1990! There has just been absolutely nothing released in the music world this year. As a consequence, I have only one album to nominate for this year's Penguin Awards; which means, if things stay as they are, it will be handed to one performer without any competition. Totally unopposed. At least that's where things stands with 8 months of the year 2009 done already. Unless, that is, somebody reading this has an album or a song that I haven't heard which they would like to be considered for Penguin Award nomination. If so, then let me know right now in the comment section -- or better yet -- provide me with a listener's copy of said cd or song. This is a once in a lifetime (or at least once in 2 decades) occurrence to heavily influence the winners of this year's Penguin Awards. So get on the stick, ladies and gentlemen. Let me know.


Fink Master Flash said...

Christ, you couldn't have picked a better picture for this post. I cracked up!! Give me a couple days and I might have some considerations for you.

Cerpts said...

Michael Bolton does NOT have a new album out. Remember that.