Sunday, October 11, 2009

GREAT NEWS FOR MOVIE FANS!!! MGM/UA has just announced the upcoming release of a DVD box set of 6 films by the legendary director Max Castle! The famed director who assisted on the original CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI as well as some rumoured assisting on CITIZEN KANE started his career in German silent films before emigrating to the US and constantly bumping up against the studio system before his mysterious disappearance in the year 1941. Castle's body of filmwork has never been available on DVD before so this upcoming release by MGM/UA (holder of the rights to Castle's 1926 epic THE MARTYR) is particularly thrilling. The Max Castle films announced as being in the DVD set include: DIE TRAUMENDE AUGEN (THE DREAMING EYES) (1920), SIMON THE MAGICIAN (1923), THE MARTYR (1926) -- in the edited version only since unfortunately the full director's footage was destroyed by Castle in a fit of pique when MGM recut his picture -- , GHOUL OF LIMEHOUSE (1922), JUDAS EVERYMAN (1925) and FEAST OF THE UNDEAD. Film fans have been waiting a LONG time to see these films but we'll all still have to wait until the DVD box set is released next April 31.


Weaverman said...

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...hysterical laughter...gibbering insanity!!!!!!
I'll order my set as soon as they release me from the Orphanage.

Cerpts said...

Mary Katherine Margaret Babbington Martha McGee, WHATEVER do ya mean?????