Monday, September 26, 2011

THE LAND OF CERPTS AND HALLOWEEN! In a very few days it will be the first of October and we all know what that means: it's time once again for the deliriously devilish Halloween countdown season. As usual, John Rozum and creepy company are coordinating things over at the official Countdown To Halloween website. Over on the right hand sidebar you will find the Halloween Countdown icon link which will take you to the site listing the over 100 blogs participating this year. I am going to attempt the obviously insane task of the triple threat: doing a Halloween Countdown on three of my blogs simultaneously!!! Here at the Land of Cerpts and Halloween I will attempt (and surely fail) to put up a post a day concerning Halloweenie tricks and treats. I will also post an appropriately spooky cover every day on the sidebar "Comic Cover of the Day" feature to the right. On my audio blog "BATHED IN THE LIGHT FROM ANDROMEDA", Dr. Janos Rukh and I will post a daily Halloweenie song or story for your trick or treat bags. And in our newest blog "THE DARK FOREST" devoted to an album a day I will post an appropriately Halloweenie album to discuss each day. Phew and Yikes!!! Is Jeffrey Combs still running that asylum on the House on Haunted Hill because I think I'll need to check in after this one! So until October 1st when all the fiendish fun begins. . .Let There Be Fright!!!

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