Tuesday, November 08, 2011

FOR A YUMMY AUTUMN TREAT: LAMB'S WOOL! I am no real fan of apple butter. I never buy it or eat it . . . UNLESS it's homemade apple butter from this recipe at Lisa Pardo's Kitchen blog. Sadly, there has been no blog activity there for two years but this recipe for homemade apple butter is delicious and I've made it several times. However, if you make it (and I urge you to), take my advice and half the amount of sugar and cut waaaaaaaaay down on the clove to just a smidge. But why am I showing you a recipe for apple butter??? And what's all this got to do with lamb's wool????
Well, I'll tell ya. According to Ruth Edna Kelley's 1919 "BOOK OF HALLOWEEN": "A popular drink at the Hallowe'en gathering in the eighteenth century was milk in which crushed roasted apples had been mixed. It was called Lambs'-Wool (perhaps from the "La Mas Ubhal", "the day of the apple fruit")." Well my perverse curiosity led me to create my own version of this Autumnal artifact to see what it might taste like. As I had just whipped up some of Lisa Pardo's homemade apple butter a couple days ago, I threw some in some milk for my own approximation of Lambs'-Wool and Wheeeeeeeeee doggies it was good!!! The only way I can describe it is that it's kinda like an apple milkshake! And it's certainly one of the most autumnal treats I think I've ever tasted. You've gotta try this. But that means you have to make the homemade apple butter first. So get cracking! And once that's done, take about half a coffee mug of milk (about 3/4 cup) and stir in about 3 heaping teaspoons of homemade apple butter. That's it! My own version of that ancient Irish Hallowe'en treat: Lambs'-Wool!

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Cerpts said...

I got it! I know what it tastes like. You know Apple Jacks cereal? Well, when you eat all the cereal and then drink the milk THAT'S what it tastes like!