Sunday, March 11, 2012

THIS HAS BEEN A BAD MONTH FOR COMIC ART FANS: JEAN GIRAUD A.K.A. "MOEBIUS" HAS DIED. One of the undisputed geniuses and poets of comic art has been taken from us by that shit cancer. Working in bandes dessinees since he was 17, Giraud (or as his more widely known pseudonym Moebius) is probably one of the 2 or 3 artists one goes to first when trying to demonstrate that comic art is a legitimate artform. Celebrated the world over with fans from Federico Fellini to Stan Lee, Giraud's body of work is staggering: BLUEBERRY, THE AIRTIGHT GARAGE OF JERRY CORNELIUS, ARZACH, the Eisner-winning two issue SILVER SURFER mini-series, METAL HURLANT (HEAVY METAL) and countless other masterpieces. Here is a small sampling of artwork which is my inadequate tribute to a titan of an artist.


ernest said...

Truly one of the greats...and that is from somebody who is not really a comic fan. I just love his work.

wellyousaythat© said...

Great discussion in Crimson tide about the merits of Kirby's Silver Surfer and Moebius's. One of the great artists period

Dis Guy said...

Not too many instances I can say I would buy a comic solely because of the artwork. This genuine master of his craft was one of the first I can say fell into this elite category.