Friday, April 20, 2012

EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH A LITTLE FIN FANG FOOM IN IT! Just as it is my contention that every movie is better if it has a monkey in it, I also believe that every movie or TV show or comic book is better if Fin Fang Foom is in it. To that end, we're focusing on our favourite Marvel monster. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the days before the "Marvel Age of Heroes" when the comic book company was mainly doing monster comix, Fin Fang Foom first appeared in Strange Tales # 89 (October 1961) with essentially no back story; he was just assumed to be a dragon from Chinese mythology with a bad attitude and some cute lil boxer shorts. Years later, it was revealed that Fin Fang Foom was actually an alien from Kakaranathara who arrived on Earth with several of his race in ancient China. Fin Fang Foom's buddies plopped him in a catatonic state as a backup plan in case their plans to conquer the world fell through. They did and Fin snoozes until awakened by a Chinese teenager who attempted to use the alien dragon to destroy the Communist Party. Fin Fang Foom would later by snapped up by the Collector for his alien zoo, busted out by the Mole Man and dumped by the Fantastic Four on "Monster Island" with a bunch of other assorted rampaging monsters on the loose. He would also have some fun over the years battling with Iron Man. In celebration of our favourite Kakaranatharan dragon dude, here are some wonderful covers featuring Fin Fang Foom.
And don't miss the video posted below which shows us the untold story of Fin Fang Foom's knock-down, drag-out bout with the Incredible Hulk. Tastiness!

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wellyousaythat said...

I always figured Monster Island to be something of an Arkham Asylum for BEMs