Monday, January 07, 2013



Now that the box seems to be working, I wanted to post some music here for your listening pleasure.  This is just a random sampling of some music I've been listening to and thought you might like hearing too.  The plan is to post a new playlist every month.  What we have this month is a rather eclectic mix:
  1. THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT  -  Aretha Franklin
  2. AROUND THE BEND  -  The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  3. STAR NAMES  -  Benny Hill
  5. LATE BAR  -  Duran Duran
  6. I'D RATHER BE BURNED AS A WITCH  -  Eartha Kitt
  7. FUNTIME IN BABYLON  -  Father John Misty
  8. THE RELUCTANT CANNIBAL  -  Flanders & Swann
  9. BEWARE OF DARKNESS  -  George Harrison
  10. THE BIRD  -  Jimmy McGriff
  11. THE KISS  -  Judee Sill
  12. DOLLIA  -  Louis Killen
  13. MACBETH FOLLIES (excerpt)  -  Orson Welles
  14. FREERIDE  -  The Soundtrack of Our Lives
And check back once in a while because I will very likely add a song or two now and then before the month is over.  Enjoy and tap your tootsies!  


Weaverman said...

Some great stuff there! Never heard the Benny Hill before or the great Orson Welles piece. Thanks for posting.

Cerpts said...

Oh indeed the Benny Hill is from a cd released I think right before his death; it was all new recordings of many songs heard on his TV programme but never recorded on disc as well as new songs I'd never heard such as "Star Names". The album cover features a white-haired Benny walking across the Abbey Road zebra crossing. I should do a post about it on my DARK FOREST albums blog.

Then the Orson Welles piece - I first heard that somewhere around 1989, I think, when the local PBS radio station aired an audio documentary on Orson which included his work on THE SHADOW as well as his famous WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast -- the show aired on Halloween night, appropriately. And one of the treasures on it was this excerpt of a MACBETH rehearsal which is priceless, I think. I've never heard any more of the rehearsals and I wonder if this is all that we have or if there is more somewhere in a vault.