Monday, February 11, 2013


Not withstanding the former Pope John Paul II's failure to abdicate during his obvious ill health during the final years of his pontificate, let us look at a few reasons why the current Pope's resignation deserves nothing but ridicule.

"Later, dudes!  Pope Benny's gonna kick it at the Old Pope's Home.  Keep those donations coming in!"
  1. It has been widely stated that Pope Benedict was ready to retire when he was elected pope and that he took the job because he viewed it as "God's will".  He apparently doesn't think that "God's will" extends to his tenure in office as he has decided to overrule God and resign.
  2. The very conservative stance of Pope Benedict regarding changing established Catholic doctrine is well-known.  One of the reasons why he hasn't supported "progressive" changes in the Catholic church (i.e. female priests, lessening of the admonition against contraceptives and abortion, recognition of homosexuality as less than a heinous sin, etc.) is because well-established church tradition should not be disregarded.  Except, of course, the well-established church tradition that a Pope does NOT resign.  This well-established church tradition has existed for about 700 years and the last Pope to resign only did so to end the "Great Schism" which found two rival popes simultaneously reigning; in order to end the strife a Pope resigned.  This one is resigning apparently because he's tired and old. 
  3. Deciding that maybe getting married was a mistake and you and your spouse should be able to separate is called divorce.  This is frowned upon by the Pope and the Catholic Church.  Deciding that maybe accepting the job of Pope was a mistake and you should be allowed to resign is called convenient HYPOCRISY.
  4. It would be wrong to stay as the Pope when your advanced age and "tiredness" would make it more difficult to do your job.  It would be RIGHT, however, to continue to tolerate the sexual abuse of children by your priests -- that is apparently one of the job requirements Pope Benedict is too tired to continue. 
Is it any wonder, really, why the Catholic Church is on the downward slide to oblivion?

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