Wednesday, September 25, 2013



As such, I am once again going to throw caution to those autumn winds and participate in the ever-growing "COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN".  For those out the know, the Halloween Countdown celebrates Halloween by posting something spooky every day of the month of October.  I did my first one . . . oh . . . I don't remember how many years ago when I stumbled across John Rozum's blog and was inspired by his.  Now, Rozum and fiends have gathered together all the participating bloggers in the trick or treat bag that is the COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN blog - listing every single blogger who will be participating this year.  And there are hundreds so the treats are plentiful!  Click on the link in red above or else click on the Cryptkeeper badge over on the right and it will take you there.
Now for my umpteenth time doing this, I wondered what I could do that would be a little different AND which I could accomplish despite my beleaguered mental exhaustion and very little free time.  As previous years have had me sometimes watch a horror movie a day and post about it, I thought something a little different would be for me to watch one or two Halloweenie TV episodes a day and post about them.  My strategy will attempt to follow a path of watching one episode of a straight horror TV show (i.e. something from BORIS KARLOFF'S THRILLER, NIGHT GALLERY, KOLCHAK:  THE NIGHT STALKER, etc.) and pairing that with an episode of some other show's Halloween episode (we all remember the many ROSEANNE Halloween episodes . . . something like that).  So, if there is a particular Halloweenie-type TV episode you would like me to watch and blog about, please feel free to nominate a candidate in the comments; I can't promise I'll be able to watch it (since I might not own a copy) but I'll do my level best to try to watch it if possible. 
In addition to that, while only this blog will be officially participating in the Halloween Countdown (leaving my other 3 blogs to go their merry way), I will also be co-opting some audio posting (from my audio blog "BATHED IN THE LIGHT FROM ANDROMEDA") and will post some audio on THIS blog every day.  And here's what you will hear here.  Ahem.  Veteran readers will recall my annual Penguin music awards; well, the Halloween Countdown is debuting something similar in the month of October.  In conjunction with the Penguin Awards, we now present the Batty Awards!  This award will be given to a song per day in October which we will be inducting into the Cerpts Halloween Hall of Fame.  Only those songs which are so monumentally associated with Halloween for me and which have proven themselves to be perennial classics will go into the Hall of Fame.  So every day in October, we're going to induct a classic Halloweenie song and you will be able to listen to it in the box over on the right hand side of this blog.  That's 31 songs in the Batty Awards inaugural year for the Cerpts Halloween Hall of Fame.  Now THAT'S what I call a Halloween celebration!
     Plus we're going to have all the usual Halloweenie fun and fright you've come to expect from the Halloween Countdown each year.  So I hope you enjoy the month to come.  Even though I've constantly said that Halloween is 365, I'm still fond of making the Halloweenie month of October something special here at the Land of Cerpts and Honey.  Hope to see you there.


Dis Guy said...

Well you could always give us a countdown of your top 20 Doctor Who Villains. Not that I have done that over on my blog or anything. And I always look forward to what you have planned for Halloween on your bloggies.

Cerpts said...

How dare you!!!

Oh . . . that says "bloggies" . . . not "boogers".