Wednesday, November 06, 2013


FIRST, I'D LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO VISITED FOR THE COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN.  Even though I was only doing a "Countdown Lite" version due to my overwhelming schedule, I still got a lot of nice comments and I appreciate it.  But the Countdown caused me to be remiss in declaring the wonderful, wonderful announcement in October that the BBC had in fact recovered previously lost episodes of Patrick Troughton's era of DOCTOR WHO! 

There was some truth to all those rumours about African discoveries after all.  The complete story of "ENEMY OF THE WORLD" and the almost complete story of "THE WEB OF FEAR" were discovered in Ethiopia. 

Sadly, episode 3 of "THE WEB OF FEAR" still remains missing; especially sad because it features the very first appearance of Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier (before his promotion, of course).  I hear tell that the newly-discovered lost episodes are available on iTunes but they will also be released in England in November (ENEMY) and February (WEB) on DVD.  No news yet as to when they will be available on DVD in the States.   

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