Thursday, January 01, 2015


2015 HAPPENS TO BE THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF "THE LAND OF CERPTS AND HONEY" BLOG.  It hardly seems possible that I started it a decade ago!  To commemorate this milestone and to illustrate how the pages of the calendar fly by, I will be posting here each month some illustrations from those classic old Marvel and DC Comics calendars from back in the 1970s.  Here we have January (click on the pictures to biggify them):

Marvel's 1975 Calendar with Spider-Man by John Romita Sr.
DC's 1976 Calendar with Legion of Super-Heroes art by Neal Adams & Dick Giordano
Marvel's Bicentennial 1976 Calendar with the Invaders with art by Frank Robbins & Frank Giacoia
Wonder Woman battles Cheetah in DC's 1977 Calendar with art by Jose Delbo & Vince Colletta
Batman battles Dr. Light in DC's 1978 Calendar with art by Dick Giordano

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