Thursday, December 03, 2015


THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY POSTS.  All this year, during the 10th anniversary of this blog, I've been posting each month's classic art from Marvel and DC Comics' 1970s calendars. . .and here is the last one:  December.

The Incredible Hulk guides Santa's sleigh in this final page from Marvel's mighty 1975 calendar.

Superman plays Santa Claus in this 1976 entry from DC's calendar featuring artwork by Neal Adams & Dick Giordano (including Adams pencilwork of some Justice Leaguers in the background).

The Mighty Avengers join George Washington crossing the Delaware in Marvel's Bicentennial calendar entry from 1976.

The Big Red Cheese (or Captain Marvel to you) battles Sivana at the Parthenon from DC's 1977 calendar

And in our final entry of the year, the Legion of Super-Heroes battles Toyman from DC's 1978 calendar.

Thank you for being here for the 10th year of this blog . . . and all these calendar pages make me look toward what the new year will bring.  


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