Wednesday, April 23, 2008

THE FIVE SONGS: THE EIGHTH INSTANCE. It's been a while. This time around it's black songs -- since that is usually my mood. Black. Now the topic of these songs isn't really the colour -- it's all about blackness. And I thought what would be a more appropriate way to start of this particular topic than to choose as my first black song:
  1. BLACK EYED DOG by NICK DRAKE. We all know (or SHOULD if we're reading this blog) that ole Nick suffered greatly from depression. This is his song about depression: the black-eyed dog following him around constantly. Poor ole Nick had a crush on Francoise Hardy. Poor ole Nick produced three superb albums that sold nothing in his lifetime. Poor ole Nick struggled long and hard with depression. Poor ole Nick took too many pills and died. "A black eyed dog he knew my name/a black eyed dog he knew my name".
  2. PAINT IT BLACK by THE ROLLING STONES. One of my favourite Stones songs. Not my favourite but it's up there. The ultimate denial of the hippy 60's sunshine and flower power schtick. "I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes/I have to turn my head until my darkness goes". My sentiments exactly.
  3. FADE TO BLACK by METALLICA. OK there seems to be a pattern here. Like every teenager worth his salt (and especially teenage metal fans), there's nothing I like better than a good suicidal song. "Things are not what they used to be..." And for those who don't really know me that well, you must be thinking I'm sending up some red flags with these song selections. Well, cool your jets. "Yesterday seems as though it never existed/Death greets me warm/now I will just say goodbye". But as those of you who know me REAL well already know, there's nothing to fear. I'm not gonna drink lye. I'm in love with death. . . .but that doesn't mean I want to MARRY her!
  4. BLACK by PEARL JAM. "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life/I know you will be a star in somebody else's sky/but why/why/WHY/can't it be mine." This is my favourite song. Those who know me very well will already know that. It's been my favourite song since the year 1992. Which will also disprove those of you who think you know WHY it is my favourite song.
  5. DRY YOUR EYES by THE STREETS. This has quickly become one of my new favourite songs lately. And yes, while it does demonstrate a blackness of mood it also peeks in with a little righteous indignation (very cleansing) as well as a small dab of that thing that some people refer to as hope. And as we all ALSO know, there has never been anything as cruel and brutal inflicted upon humankind than that insidious thing called "Hope". Basically, he loves her. She doesn't love him anymore. He's desperately trying to keep the relationship and she just doesn't wanna know. Then his friend tries to get him to let go and literally tells him "there's plenty more fish in the sea". And for the record, those of you who thought you knew why Pearl Jam's "BLACK" is my favourite song but were wrong, you would be RIGHT concerning why I like THIS song. "Dry your eyes, mate/I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts/but you've got to walk away now/it's over".

So, there you have it. Because none of you slackers have come up with any interesting topics for The Five Songs (or any topics at all), I have inflicted this one upon you all. Gnash your teeth in despair, mortals because the next five songs could be EVEN MORE HORRIFYING!!!! Who knows, I might get even MORE negative.

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