Saturday, October 02, 2010

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED I HAVE BEEN STRANGELY SILENT ON THE SUBJECT OF A HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN THIS YEAR. A couple years ago I did one but since then, due to one series of circumstances after another, I have not been able to repeat the project. However, the last two years I made an announcement each year stating that I could not do it. And you will notice I made no such announcement this year. That doesn't mean I've forgotten about the entire thing. It just means simply that I'm not sure whether I can pull it off due to the previous two months of ill health resulting in the impossibility of any and all preparation time. Also an issue with a new server recently installed at work left a question mark as to whether or not I would be able to access blogger at all. Well, it seems like I will. Therefore it may just be possible. Does this mean I am officially declaring a 2010 daily Halloween Countdown in the Land of Cerpts and Honey. Well, no. Simply because I have done no preparation beforehand (due to the aforementioned bout with the Lurgi). There still remains the question of whether or not I will be able to physically or logistically post every single day. However, since it's not official there's nothing to stop me from trying. Unofficially, that is. In fact, it began unannounced yesterday with that series of nice Halloweenie youtube posts for you to watch. So, if we get to October 31st and I have posted Halloween stuff every day of the month (or almost everyday) then retroactively it will have been an official Halloween Countdown. If not, then you'll get a trick or treat bag full of many Halloweenie-type posts. Either way you win. Or lose. Depending on your opinion of my blathering blog. Just keep in mind -- you are not allowed to read this blog unless you're wearing your Halloween costume. I'm not giving out freebies, you know!


Dis Guy said...

I don't think you get a pass this year. I think you have to do it now. No excuses. That's how I treat my bottom bitch! You know wut I am saying?

Cerpts said...