Tuesday, November 09, 2010

THE FIVE SONGS: TWELFTH INSTANCE. It's been almost two and a half years since I did the last "Five Songs" post; some of you long time readers with longer memories might remember such a thing. But I thought that it's about time to revive the tradition. So here I am with five songs. And this time you'll be able to hear them all by clicking on this link right here! So this time around I have chosen for my theme: "Epistolary Songs".
  1. A DEAR JOHN LETTER by Ferlin Husky & Jean Shepard. We're starting off honky-tonkin' with this country duet from 1953 which no doubt graced quite a few juke boxes. Getting a "Dear John" letter is bad enough; but when your gal is leaving you to marry your brother!?! Ferlin Husky was never a particular favourite; he's most famous for his pseudo-gospel "Wings of a Dove" which I never liked. However, here he's teamed up with the bona fide honky tonkin' Jean Shepard and this was her first and only chart topper.
  2. I CAN'T HOLD YOUR LETTERS (IN MY ARMS) by Jack Scott. Still deep amidst the dark fifties, Rockin' Jack Scott brings us this half-country/half-rock n roll 45. "Your sweet love letters will help me dream of what the mailman cannot bring."
  3. THE LETTER by The Nirvana Sitar & String Group. We all remember the hit single by Alex Chilton's The Box Tops. However, in 1968 wackiness reached new heights with the Indian sitar craze produced an instrumental sitar cover that is enough to permanently damage your sanity!
  4. I'M GONNA PAPER ALL MY WALLS WITH YOUR LOVE LETTERS by Dean Martin. It's now time to swing with the coolness of Dino in this 1955 ditty. Is this devotion or blackmail?!?
  5. I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER (LIVE) by Sarah Vaughan. And there's no better way to end than with the Divine One. This Fats Waller standard was recorded live at Mr. Kelly's nightclub in Chicago on the night of August 6, 1957 and it's probably my favourite rendition of the song. So hang your hat and stay a spell.

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