Tuesday, November 02, 2010

  • CERPTS: I would like to thank you Mr. Zacherle for granting me this interview.
  • ZACHERLE: Speak up, boy. I can't hear you.
  • CERPTS: Well, sir, if you'd turn off that cement mixer, maybe . . .
  • ZACHERLE: Oh, forgive me, but I'm having quite a large gathering here tonight and I must finish the monster mash hash!
  • CERPTS: You're making dinner in a cement mixer?
  • ZACHERLE: Oh, yes, my guests have ravenous appetites. H'mmm, delicious -- possibly just a touch more of Black Widow Spiders.
  • CERPTS: According to my records, Mr. Zacherle, you were born 150 years ago in . . .
  • ZACHERLE: No, it was 200 years ago -- and I wasn't born -- let's say, I was belched forth from the graveyard.
  • CERPTS: All right, you were belched forth 200 years ago in Transylvania. In school you excelled in all the "Black Arts" . . .
  • ZACHERLE: Yes, I made my Phi Beta Draca in my 3rd year at "Ghoulage". Would you hand me that jar of gravestone chippings. H'mm, and hand me that hand, it looks delicious.
  • CERPTS: Sir, that's my hand! Can we please get on with the interview?
  • ZACHERLE: After I received my "monsters degree", I made my way into the mortal world.
  • CERPTS: Is that when show biz beckoned you?
  • ZACHERLE: Yes, I had my own TV shows and also made many network appearances.
  • CERPTS: And soon you became America's number one "spook" spokesman. Now, about this new "Monster Mash" smash record album of yours . . . how did that come about?
  • ZACHERLE: Well, the "twist" may be new to mortals, but it's old to ghouls. My fiendish friends have been doing a pretty wild twist since time began. Great Goblins, I'm running short of blood. Count Dracula will burst a blood vessel. I hope it isn't mine.
  • CERPTS: Gee, what a natural or should I say supernatural, to have Zacherle , himself, record the weird versions of the big hits made famous by the real live teenage artists of our day. Well, Mr. Zacherle, thank you very much for this interview.
  • ZACHERLE: Going so soon, I was planning on you for dinner.
  • CERPTS: No thanks, I've eaten already.
  • ZACHERLE: But my friends haven't eaten yet.
  • CERPTS: Please sir, put me down. No, no -- don't throw me into that cement mix . . .
  • ZACHERLE: That's show biz!

AND NOW . . . THE MONSTER MASH by the master of monsters -- ZACHERLE in monaural and SCAREO over at our sister audio blog BATHED IN THE LIGHT FROM ANDROMEDA. Don't go alone!!!

(Interview originally appeared on the back cover liner notes of the 1962 LP written by Don Rosenblit)

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