Thursday, April 04, 2013

R.I.P. CARMINE INFANTINO (1925 - 2013)


Drawing since the Golden Age of Comics and one-time head honcho of DC Comics, Carmine Infantino was one of the biggies. 

He was one of the architects of the Silver Age of Comics when he co-created the updated "fastest man alive" the Flash in Showcase #4 which kick-started what became known as Earth-One. 

Then he drew the issue which created the concept of DC's multiverse with the "Flash of Two Worlds" story in which the new Flash encountered the Golden Age Flash of Earth-Two.

Carmine Infantino would always be known as "THE Flash Artist". 

And then, when Batman's fortunes were ebbing and his comic titles were edging closer to cancellation, Infantino was assigned to the Bat-books in order to infuse new life into them;

the result was the "New Look" Batman which shortly would make the leap to television with the BATMAN TV show and subsequently make the Caped Crusader the hottest thing going. 

Infantino's contributions are so numerous -- from his classic runs on space titles like the Adam Strange strip,

the ductile detective Elongated Man and the first comic book adaptation of STAR WARS

-- that a list would go on and on.  These few examples of his artwork will have to serve as a small tribute to a comic legend who has left us.

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