Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Beginning in the 1970s and continuing into the 80s, lucky elementary school children had access to these orange hardback books from their school libraries.  Inside their approximately 50 pages was a world of monsters.  And just because these books were targeted towards children didn't mean they were lightweight affairs; they were, in fact, very informative about the history of monster movies.  The FRANKENSTEIN book, for instance, not only featured the famous Universal Frankenstein movies but also mentioned things like the 1910 film version from the Edison studios.  Crestwood House certainly wasn't talking down to its audience.  Now, Crestwood House Monster Books are almost always ex-library copies which are beaten to death due to a long history of kiddies checking them out of their school libraries.  Despite this fact, they almost always go for stupid money.  I myself am the proud owner of the DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, MAD SCIENTISTS and THE MOLE PEOPLE books (Thanks, Creepy Classics!); however I've always got an eye out (POP!) for any more floating around for reasonable prices.  Below this post you can watch a video that offers a page-by-page examination of several of the Crestwood House Monster Books to enjoy.  If you've got the 55 minutes and want to bask in the glory of monster goodness, give it a gander . . .   

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