Sunday, October 01, 2017


"Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter blogging as the day
Would quake to look on. Soft! now to my keyboard.
O heart, lose not thy nature; let not ever
The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom:
Let me be spooky, and supernatural:
I will watch scary movies by the dozen;
My Twizzlers will be tender and my popcorn buttered;
How in my Halloweenie words shall never be shent,
To give them musings of October, my soul, consent!"

           The Halloween season is once again upon us.  The first time I ever saw a Halloween Countdown was over 10 years ago on John Rozum's blog and I've been doing my own for about a decade (give or take a missed year).  I nearly missed doing a Halloween Countdown THIS year, too; but I couldn't miss two years in a row, now could I?  Circumstances in the real world being what they are (and I've NEVER been a fan of the "real" world), I have not been able to do my usual massive preparation so this time around things will be more laid back.  There being no overarching master plan, I will do my best to post something "Halloweenie" every day but may not be able to avoid missing a day or two here and there.  Nevertheless, it's Halloween that we're celebrating and celebrate it we shall!  So let's hop aboard the Halloween hayride and see what creepy places it takes us!

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Let's hope it is a good, loooooong month of fun!