Thursday, March 20, 2008

FINK'S BRILLIANT! So, we had to take these idiotic online tutorials at work -- you know the kind, don't you??? And if you don't, SCREW YOU for having a job that DOESN'T take itself overly seriously and make you do these tests. But anyway, we wuz taking 'em and this one was particularly idiotic. You know the kind. . .the kind that doesn't just present the information you need to know but decides it needs to write dialogue and pretend like it's a Broadway play or something. So instead we see these fictional people introducing themselves, going off to a coffee shop -- in short, doing everything except PRESENTING THE INFORMATION WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING!!!
And here is the photo:
So, having been forced to sit through endless erroneous patter, the old Finkmaster Flash provided his OWN caption for this photo:
"The doctor said it WAS contagious and we SHOULD have been more careful."
I'm sorry but that works WAY better with that photo than any of the extraneous nonsense that was going on with it.


Fink Master Flash said...

like you always say, comedy is about timing and that was just perfect. i needed a good laugh at the moment. hehe

Cerpts said...

Need a good laugh??? Drop your pants, then!


Cheekies said...

Better caption (maybe) "My asshole does smell like an old copper penny but don't take my word for it have a sniff for yourself!"