Thursday, May 29, 2008

THIS MONTH'S EYE CANDY: THE WAVISHING KAY FWANCIS. "I have a confession to make to you: You like me. In fact, you're crazy about me". Um, in case you didn't know . . . that's Kay Francis to which I was referring -- she had a little trouble pronouncing her "r's", you know. She's this month's eye candy if for no other reason than seeing her in the splenderiferous Ernst Lubitsch sparklefest TROUBLE IN PARADISE: a jewel of a movie starring herself as well as the marvelous Miriam Hopkins (in the same year as her Oscar-worthy turn in DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE) as well as the incredibly debonair (who knew?!?) Herbert Marshall. Kay Francis plays the wealthy young widow Mariette Colet: now-owner of the Colet Parfumier and she's an absolute knockout of a stunner. Jewel-thieves Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins are after her dough but, naturally, Marshall finds himself falling head over heels in love with Kay Francis. Torn between Miriam and Kay; I wouldn't want to be in Herbie's shoes, I'll tell ya. Whom does he end up with. You'll have to see the movie (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do).
Poor Kay never really gave too much of a hoot about her movie career and took any role that the studio gave her. Sadly, after an accident in 1948 in which she was burned, her acting career tailed off dramatically. Kay Francis would die of breast cancer in 1968. But she will always live in my heart as the immortal (and wavishing) Kay Francis of TROUBLE IN PARADISE -- and believe me, the photos don't really do her justice. . . you have to see her in the film. Many MANY thanks to my Ilsa* (we'll ALWAYS have Paris) for bringing this incredibly sophisticated, glass of champagne of a film to my attention!
ATTENTION!!! WATE BWEAKING NEWS ON THE WAVISHING KAY FWANCIS!!! Here is a wonderfully salacious link to an article concerning a Kay Francis biography on the Bright Lights Film Journal website for an even more detailed (and MUCH steamier) insight into the great Kay. What a naughty little minx she was -- check out the Kay Francis quote in red directly under the article's title! Prepare yourself for a little salty language, children!


Weaverman said...

Thank God you're back! I need my fix of cerpts and honey! Kay is indeed a worthy addition to your eye candy dept although I'm sure the youngster don't quite get the appeal of such classical beauty.

Cerpts said...

Aw, you sez da sweetest thiiiiiiiiiiings. Sorry for the absence in the ole blog but, as is fairly common knowledge, I think, I've been swamped with annoyances such as the moat springing a leak and all my spiders going back to Capistrano. You know how it is. But it is quite heartening to have my legion of reader notice my absence.

I'll tell ya that Kay Francis is something else! There is a wonderfully risque article on the Bright Lights website about a Kay Francis biography that I'm going to post a link to -- take another gander at this "Kay Francis eye candy" post and you'll find it. Wonderful naughty language and peccadillos are revealed!

Cheekies said...

Hey! That's your bookshelf!

Cerpts said...

WHAT?!?!?!? WHERE?!?!?!?

There be SPIES in our midst!!! How'd THAT get there. I'm gonna SUE!!!! Eavesdroppin' so-and-so's!!!

Oh wait, it was me.

Ms. Henrietta Hudson said...

eye candy indeed!! she is scrumptious!

Cerpts said...

Takes one to know one!