Sunday, March 01, 2015


AS PART OF OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, WE'RE BRINGING YOU CLASSIC ARTWORK FROM MARVEL AND DC COMICS' 1970s CALENDARS.  The Merry Marvel Marching Society brings in the month of March with these magnificent monuments:

First we have Marvel's 1975 calendar which for March featured this splendid portrait of Luke Cage, Power Man
Neal Adams and Dick Giordano provide this flashy Flash illo from DC's 1976 calendar
The Black Panther on the high seas from Marvel's Bicentennial 1976 calendar by Bob Brown and Mike Esposito
DC's monumental calendar of 1977 finds Green Lantern battling Sinestro at the Leaning Tower of Pisa with art by Jose Luis de Garcia-Lopez
And finally DC's 1978 "Disasters" calendar finds Green Lantern & Green Arrow battling the Queen Bee with art by Mike Grell 

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