Thursday, October 01, 2015


For it is time once again for the autumn chill to creep in on silent cat paws and the leaves to skitter down the street all crisped and sere.  The month of October is nigh and that means this year's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN has begun!  All month long we will hopefully be able to chill you a little and thrill you a little.  Your musty old crypt-keeper will endeavor to do his best.  I will admit that this year it was a little more difficult than usual for me to claw my way out of my maggoty grave dirt and bring another countdown to all you bloodsuckers.  The tana leaves I use for my daily energy tea have been in short supply; my delivery boy from Egypt kept getting his mummy-wrapping entangled in my deadly smogberry bushes I have planted all around the castle.  So therefore ye old Crypt-Cerptser has been feeling a little more rundown than Frankenstein's creation with a short in his neck bolts!  However, after one erroneous shipment of Chai tea, I have assurances that the tana leaf tea will once again start flowing copiously into the laboratory so that I will be able to bring you all manner of spooky stuff this October.  In any event, I shall endeavor to do so.  

Be that as it maim, the first item of business shall be my official dedication of this year's COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN here in the "Land of Cerpts & Honey".  I would like to dedicate this year's proceedings to the towering "Prince of Darkness" who departed this vale of fears in 2015:  Sir Christopher Lee.  It is probably superfluous to point out just how much Christopher Lee meant to all fans of the horror genre and appreciators of Halloween.  It is in that spirit that I hope to feature in this year's Countdown a "Christopher Lee film a day" all throughout October.  What better way to remember this literal giant of horror than to immerse ourselves in his film work during the Halloween season.  In addition to this, I hope to provide some more smatterings and splatterings, tricks and treats for your Halloween amusement.  And don't forget to visit all the other blogs participating in Mr. John Rozum's "Countdown to Horror" -- one click on that "CRYPTKEEPER" badge over there on the righthand column will take you to his site where all the participating crypt-keepers' links may be found.

So remember to keep spooky and I hope to see you all through the month of October.  

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