Friday, October 02, 2015


Citizen Kane of horror movies.  Where's the kid?  Where's the kid.  Officer Edward Woodward will find out.  Evil eye boat!  Summerisle Summerisle Summerisle.  How's your apples this year?  Naughty pagans.  Animal masks.  Naked Britt Ekland doing the shimmy.  Or actually naked Britt Ekland's body double.  Hey, there's Ingrid Pitt!  Where's the picture?  There's no girl in that grave.  Parthenogenesis.
Christopher Lee has a bouffant!  It's not wise to jump over campfires with your clothes on.  Shocks are so much better absorbed with the knees bent.  Sgt. Howie's dressed as Punch.  Is that big thing from Pier 1 Imports?  Fire!  Hey, there's a twist ending.     


Weaverman said...

A good film? No doubt about that. But I've always thought it was way over-rated by horror fans. I remember going to see it at the cinema when it was released and what really got me excited was the co-feature, Nic Roeg's DON'T LOOK NOW which I still think is a superior film.

Cerpts said...

Calling it the "Citizen Kane of Horror Films" might indeed constitute a teensy-weensy overstatement. Who did that? Roger Ebert? However, it all depends, I think, on the cut of THE WICKER MAN one happens to see. They STILL haven't gotten it right on dvd. The best cut, with the longest running time and the scenes put in their proper running order, I've only seen on an ancient 90's VHS tape. However, I've always thought DON'T LOOK NOW is a good but over-rated film. Of course, I haven't seen it in years and will have to watch it again.