Saturday, October 03, 2015


Sumptuous music by Franz Reizenstein.  Unusual that James Bernard doesn't handle the music for a Hammer Horror!  Look!  It's Dracula.  Not Christopher Lee . . . I mean Raymond Huntley: one of the early stage Draculas!  Cushing needs his leg set properly.  George Pastell's gonna say THAT line:  "He who robs the graves of Egypt dies!"  Fezs are cool!  Princess Ananka's bacherlorette pad.  The Scroll of Life!  An Aura of Menace!  Big boom at the tomb!  That's no way to treat a fragile Egyptian relic -- splash right in the bog!  Christopher Lee's looking mighty awesome rising from the swamp.  Pater gets his comeuppance via the mummy who lives.  Flashback sequence . . . wherein Christopher Lee plays 'who's got your tongue'!  "A fairy story, nothing more."  Marvelous Michael Ripper steals the show as the drunken poacher.  Mummy busts down the door and we have a Dracula strangle a Dracula.  "Very scarifying, it was!"  Ooo, Christopher Lee's eyes!  The eyes of the Mummy!  Yvonne Furneaux finally gets something to do after the one hour mark.  French windows crash!  Shotgun blast!  Spear through the mummy's chest!  Gee, Isobel looks like Ananka!  Better scarper.  A neighbourly call.  "He's taken Isobel!"  Shootout in the swamp!  He meddled in things muddy.        

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