Saturday, July 15, 2006

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LADIES & GENTLEMEN: FINK'S MOM!!! Yes, there has been another Fink's Mom sighting. Grab your children off the streets and lock your doors!!! These blurry action shots are all that our intrepid cameraman could hurriedly snap before he was attacked from the bushes by Fink's Mom somewhere in the wilds of Souf Joisey!

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Here below is a clearer photo of Fink's Mom abducting some poor game show hostess (of course, that's Fink's Mom on the right). Be on the lookout!!! NO one knows where Fink's Mom may strike next!!!! *GASP!*

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Cerpts said...

But at least she brushed her fangs!

Star said...

she is one frightenin' bitch!