Wednesday, June 27, 2007

THE INCOMPARABLE GOTHIC MIASMA OF RICHARD SALA. The always entertaining blog The Groovy Age of Horror is essential reading all the time. However, just recently it has featured one of my favourite comic creators: Richard Sala. I've been a huge fan of Sala for over 10 years now, give or take, and my first exposure to him came in the masterful graphic novel "The Chuckling Whatsit?" which The Groovy Age of Horror rightly describes as a "gothic noir fever dream". Of course, this sobriquet would apply to ALL of Richard Sala's work. His warped, nightmarish vision has also been seen on MTV's Liquid Television in "Invisible Hands"; one episode of which can be viewed on The Groovy Age of Horror blog and others can be seen on Youtube, Jack! It's really hard to describe the feeling one gets from reading a Richard Sala story; it's sort of like a creeping, unsettling miasma that I've encountered nowhere else. So bop on over to The Groovy Age of Horror and take a look (as well as Richard Sala's very own website) where there are tons of examples of his artwork, his animation and his many books. Something to look forward to in the VERY near future: Groovy Age is going to have an interview with the man himself. So look for it. And don't forget to run out and buy a whole passle of Richard Sala graphic novels. As always, both websites are clickable on my list of links over to the right; as well as in the text of this lil ole post right here. And many kudos to The Groovy Age of Horror for spotlighting this fantastically talented and evocative artist (and shame on me for not mentioning Richard Sala before now)!

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Cerpts said...

Just to let you know that the excellent interview with Richard Sala has now been posted over on the Groovy Age of Horror blog. You owe it to yourself to take a look.