Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Music of the Spheres (Tibetan Singing Bowls)


Dis Guy said...

That's no big deal I can do that with wine glasses. But if I can be serious for a moment. The bowl you got, is it comparable to any of the ones in this video? What's the thing he was caressing the bowl with? And lastly, I don't know if it was just a coincidence but after watching the video I felt more centered and at peace. Now, is there any way you can smoke them?

Cerpts said...

Here are the main points again:

1) The only thing YOU can do with wine glasses is knock them over and break them!

2) I DOUBT if you can be serious for EVEN a moment.

3) It's bowls . . .not bowl, I got. And yes and yes. Actually, while my smaller bowl is comparable with any of those shown, my large bowl is actually BETTER than any shown. It's a master grade bowl graded 100% in the tone department, jack!

4) That thing is called a bowl caresser. OK, not really but that's what I'M gonna start callin' it.

5) And yes, I think it was just a coincidence. Or the drugs have kicked in.

6) No.