Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm posting this direct quote from Sara Karloff which appeared on the Creepy Classics website in the hopes that Ms. Karloff's personal property will be returned to her.
This from Sara Karloff (Boris' daughter): "My cherished guest book was stolen this morning and there is a chance that it may appear on e-bay for sale. It was started by my mother and father in 1937 and the first page says "Boris' 51st B'day" with a list of guests. The book has been in my family for 70 years and contains my grandchildrens drawings and drawings of friends and Frankenstein drawings by our friend Kevin Burns. The book is wooden about 14" wide and about 16" tall bound by leather straps. The paper is parchment and singed at the edges. The wood is a dark redwood color. It was stolen this morning in Palm Desert while awaiting UPS pickup. Unfortunately it's value is primarially sentimental or collectible and may well be tossed out by the thief, but there is a chance it may be offered for sale on e-bay or some other vehicle. Any suggestions or help from any source would be so appreciated. Gratefully, Sara Jane"
Obviously, if any of my faithful readers should have any information about this or happen to see this item for sale anywhere, please notify Sara Karloff by email on The Boris Karloff Home Page. Thanks.

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