Thursday, July 19, 2007

DUST MOTES BLOWING ACROSS THE FLOOR. So, it's been a little quiet in this here blog lately -- owing to the fact that the establishment for which I work has finally blocked blogger. As I did 95% of my blogging at work (hey, gotta do SOMETHING during all that down time) and I practically NEVER go online at home, this means that postings here will be a lot fewer and far-er between-er. This also means that I won't be able to visit all your blogs on a daily basis -- as was my wont. But fret not. This only means that I'll probably be blogging on a weekly basis instead of nearly daily. And since you all are getting older and older (and slower and SLOWER) by the minute, I hope that this minor adjustment will not be too jolting for you or cause any irreparable damage to your psyches. It only means that the posts I finally DO put up will all be just that much more polished gems of pure gold, now doesn't it?

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Pax Romano said...

Doesnt that suck?

Welcome to my world.