Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HERE'S TO THE SUMMER OF '91. That's what that Indigo Girls video is up there for. That hot, HOT, bright sunny summer. Working days at Sizzler and partying nights at The Guppy's -- who had nothing in her fridge except vodka and lemons. Hell . . . here's to when I could DRINK! And here's to Maureen for getting Cheeks and I into the Indigo Girls. Yeah, she was definitely my type. No, nothing ever happened -- other than the two of us becoming really good buds. Of course, there was the Tiffer to monopolize my attention. Here's to the Tiffer -- beating the crap outta Cheeks on the balcony -- because of ME. And here's to Maureen again for hovering nearby while the Tiff and I had our "heavy" conversation on the couch -- and for fixing me a bucket-sized alcoholic beverage the MINUTE Tiff stepped out the door. Here's to lemon drops in the walk-in - and here's to me for allowing Baby Bot to get drunk while working Pit! Here's to Missy and her suicidal bulldog. Here's to that booze with the gold flecks in it and to Bad Company. Here's to "Lonely" by Janet Jackson and "I Want Tomorrow" by Enya. And here's to Metallica's "Black Album". Here's to cheese toast. Here's to "pastry runs" for Cindster at Zagara's. Here's to the puke-coloured Camaro. Here's to the Indigo Girls' song of hope: "Love Will Come To You". Even though it was nothing but a lie. And speaking of Indigo Girls -- here's to Galileo. And the last 4 songs on the last disc of Elton John's box set "To Be Continued. . ." And here's to "looking for something" in the armrest of said Camaro in the Sizzler parking lot. No, not me. It was two OTHER people.
And why this sudden nostalgia for this certain period in time??? It's Fink's fault!


Dis Guy said...

I'm not online for a week and I come online to see this?!?!? I don't know which emotion I feel the most. I'm laughing, crying and pissed all at the same time. Hey, thanks for showing me what PMS feels like.

Cerpts said...

No problem.

Next up:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome!