Friday, February 29, 2008

THE FIVE SONGS MISSION STATEMENT. So, I've been a little remiss in the music department here on the ole blog. It's been mostly movies (and there's nothing wrong with that) but this isn't a movie only blog so. . .In order to rectify that situation, I came up with something really stupid to inflict upon you all.
It was once upon a time when I used to do the Top Ten Tunes of Each Month but I really don't do that anymore since Cerpts Tapes were the main outlet and they seem to have gone the way of the Dodo Bird (replaced by Cerpts CDs, of course, which somehow do not lend themselves to the top ten list quite like the tapes did). So what I'm going to do instead is something similar but different.
Periodically (not on a monthly basis, not necessarily on a weekly basis but pretty much whenever the hell I feel like it) I will put up a list of five songs. Now, these songs could be five that I've been listening to particularly often or they could be five songs which somehow represent the week I've just lived through or they could simply be five songs on a particular theme or merely five songs I just want to talk about. Any way you slice it, there will be five songs of particular importance to me.
"So what", I hear you squirt. Well, there's a catch. Because at any time, whenever you, gentle reader, feel like it, you can hijack the whole process -- meaning you may at any time suggest a particular topic or theme for which you'd like me to come up with a five songs list. It'll be like a challenge hurled at me. And the object is not to choose "just any" songs which fit the theme but the most meaningful and appropriate to me that I can come up with. Now, you COULD go for the easy, dull route by suggesting five songs about puppy dogs or such like that -- OR you could go for the really interesting route and challenge me with suggesting songs that represent "plaid" to me, for instance -- or five camping songs (as in campgrounds and tents and not as in John Inman in a pantomime show!).
The only rules are these:
  1. I can only choose from songs I actually own.
  2. You can suggest the theme you'd like me to use for the five songs in the comment section of this blog after the current "Five Songs" have been posted. (Of course, I'm not going to strictly adhere to this rule -- if you happen to see me in person and suggest something before you can post it in the comment section I will still go ahead and accept it.
  3. "Accept it" is the operative word. I will "accept" the theme which appeals to me and interests me the most. This, however, does not mean I won't accept more than one suggestion -- that'll just mean the five songs will appear even MORE frequently in this blog. And I will "accept" pretty much anything I can do anything with; it will be a rare occasion (I hope) when I don't accept something -- and that will only be because it doesn't "speak to me". Ahem.
  4. I will clearly announce which theme I've accepted in the self-same comments section on this blog.
  5. There ain't no prize money so don't get too excited. You'll only win my undying admiration and provide me with an interesting musical parlour game while I'm rotting away at work. So I would be extremely grateful for any and all imput.

OK? Simple enough, I'd say. So stay tuned for the first installment of the five songs coming soon to this blog. And thanks for listening.

Oh, and P.S. You may be wondering "Why five songs?" Well, I suppose I patterned them after The Five Mystical Songs composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams. It's one of those classical music things; don't let it worry you. It just appealed to me somehow. . .


Weaverman said...

Howzabout Necrophila as a theme ?

Cerpts said...

Oooooo, Weaverman. . .you beat everybody to it! Necrophilia it is! I accept the theme! Of course, any song that reminds me of my ex will undoubtedly count as a song that reminds me of necrophilia!