Sunday, February 24, 2008

NOW VIEW MY SHAME. Yes, my friend Bumbler the Nuclear Puggle recently put a link to my blog on his blog and said that I don't have any "doggies or kitties". And while that is TECHNICALLY true, there are my parents who have taken in stray cats over the years. Now, keep in mind that these cats are supposedly "feral" and could never never never be domesticated enough to stay in the house etc. This is the conventional wisdom. However, four of these "feral" cats spend most of their time inside my parents' house. And they look quite comfortable doing it, I must say. Yes, my parents who were always confirmed dog lovers and wouldn't give cats the time of day now have a bunch of cats running around their yard and house. And here is the photographic evidence!!!
First we have Gypsy. She is my mother's favourite. And she knows it. Here we see her lounging -- which is something she does best.
Next we have Tippy: all white with a black tail. My grandmother named her. Apparently this one likes me best; that's what they tell me anyhow. Whenever I go in my parents' house, she's the one who will come up to me. She obviously is unaware of my plans to sell them all to the local Chinese restaurant.
Here we have the whole gang. . .well, not the WHOLE gang but several. In the foreground, with the sun glinted off her big fat butt is Tippy. Then we have Cracker walking towards the camera. She's my dad's favourite. That's obviously because she has the Devil in her. And yes, you're not seeing things; Cracker actually DOES have a Moe haircut. Cracker and Tippy are sisters. The twisted sisters. That black cat there is not Gypsy who is completely black but Bogart who has white on his neck. Then in the back we have the grey and white Wiley who is B.C.O.C (Big Cat On Campus). His father was Tom whom my parents had to have put to sleep a couple years ago. I wrote about it about two years ago on my blog (long time readers might recall but here's the link to it). So Wiley is therefore the boss. He thinks.
Finally we have Wiley and Cracker and kittie togetherness. No, there's no need to avert your eyes; they ain't doin' nuthin'! All the cats have been fixed so nothing unsavory is going on. They're all just EXTREMELY talented in the snoozing department.
Now that is nowhere near ALL the cats are running around my folks' place but Gypsy, Cracker, Wiley and Tippy are the only "indoor" cats. However, they graciously allow my parents to continue living there since the cats have them trained fairly well by now. And there you have my sad, sad tale. Yes, all these cats and not a puggle (or any other dog) in sight. Pepe must be rolling in his grave!

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Cheekies said...

Yes, to think you used to have a much more manly pet like Pepe running around. Now you are stuck with all those wussy ass cats. Wait did I just call Pepe a manly pet? I still chuckle when I think of Mikey outside on a cold January night walking his froofy poodle around. I mean if you let it go in the house exactly how much of a mess could it possibly make? It weighed all of 4 pounds!