Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Four-inch-nothin' little kitty, brand new to the world and lookin' for trouble, seeks new accommodations. Present owner is patchy and sneezes all over me . . . not to mention spraying me with that damn "keep the dander down" stuff! The noive! With a nose like HE'S got, what does he EXPECT?!?!?
The monicker is "Mr. Stinky Fish Face" but I will answer also to "Little Man". Seeking only those humans who will feed me people food!!! This is a must!!! Won't stand for this cat kibble no more! Oh, and who SERIOUSLY doesn't want a guy to eat their goldfish. Or guppies. Or whatever the hell those things are swimming around in their tank and toying with me. Can a kitten find NO PEACE?!?!?! Apply below.
Oh, and uh. . .meow.


Fink Master Flash said...

I know that kitty!!! you want him?

Cerpts said...

Well, looks like nobody replied to this post but you, dude. So it looks like nobody wants your ugly ole cat!