Saturday, June 07, 2008

If you watch LOST and do not already read my good friend's blog click here you are missing something. Particularly the copious and exhaustive analyses of this past season's episodes which reached new heights and helped immensely with the viewing (and musing about) this past season. It's of course not too late to go read them since we'll be getting Season 4 on DVD December 9th, apparently. So do yourself a favour, if you haven't already been reading them, take yourself over there now.


Cheekies said...

wow thanks for the plug doddily doo now I'm gonna need to really watch my P's and Q's now if your little plug ends up sending more traffik my way. dude don't add paranoia to my list!

Cerpts said...

Hell, that's what's been helping to keep me alive all this bloggin' time.