Saturday, September 26, 2009

IT IS MY DEAREST WISH TO BE ABLE TO DO A DAILY HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN LIKE THE ONE I DID HERE TWO YEARS AGO. It is also realistic to admit that at the present time I've only been able to get online about once a week IF I'M LUCKY. These two facts tend to clash a bit. Which probably means that this year I'll once again be unable to pull off a Halloween countdown unless there are some drastic changes and quick! For those of you of a nostalgic nature, you can click here to see my first (and so far only) Halloween countdown from 2007. I'll still try to put up as much Halloween content in October as ghoulishly possible but. . .if youse be so inclined to pick up the broom and fly with it . . . why not give a Halloween countdown a try yourself on your own blog. It's a lot of work but even more fun to do and, if I could, I'd love to do another one. Maybe someday. But until then, one of the consistently best Halloween countdowns will shortly begin on John Rozum's blog; there will also be a list of many other blogs participating this year. Also there is a Countdown to Halloween site which coordinates daily Halloween countdown bloggers. That's the origin for the cool Halloween Countdown video I've posted as well. So, if the spirit BOOS you, give a Halloween Countdown a try. And yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU, Cheekies!

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