Monday, September 07, 2009

THE THREE INVESTIGATORS FINALLY MAKE IT TO THE SILVER SCREEN! Those wacky Germans have done it again! This time they've made not one but TWO motion pictures based on those treasured Hardy Boys-like books I loved as a child. For those of you not in the know, check out the 3 Investigators site link over there on the right hand column of this blog. The book series "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators" begin in the 1960's. The books featured extremely bright (if stocky) Jupiter Jones and his friends Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews as a trio of junior detectives who took on baffling mystery cases and reported back to film director Alfred Hitchcock. Below this post you will find the movie trailers for BOTH of these new films (I hear a TV series in in the offing as well). The first film made was (strangely) the 6th book in the series: THE SECRET OF SKELETON ISLAND. While these German-made films were apparently filmed in English, the second movie trailer (taken from the first book in the series) THE SECRET OF TERROR CASTLE is dubbed into German (!). Ah well, you still get the idea. The trailer gives an indication that the film looks very much like the Harry Potter films. There are two big controversies about these films, however: 1) that they are updated to the present day (a 1960's setting would be better) and 2) the young actor cast as Bob is TOTALLY WRONG for the part. But hell, I never thought I'd see a 3 Investigators movie AT ALL so I'll take what I can get. Unfortunately, I can't get 'em because they haven't been released in this country as yet. Come on, Buena Vista/Disney, get moving! You just bought Marvel Comics, don't you think you can spare the time to release these 3 Investigators movies over here?!?!? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the two movie trailers below.

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