Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good Eats Season 1 Episode 2 Part 1 ATTENTION MISS JENNY PENNY (& ALL OTHER FOODIES) -- This Spud's For You!!!


jennypower said...

Ah, the early episodes. Before he discovered digital film and prop-puppets, and before he developed full snark.

My top three favorite things about this clip:

1. "Sounds like the last five minutes of Braveheart."

2. His glasses are the exact same frames I wore in 7th grade.

3. AB. He's just so dreamy.


I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. I do most of my surfing at work, and there is no video allowed there. So I send home these clips and watch them when I can. Sorry for the delay! I certainly appreciate the shout out.

Cerpts said...

You're off the hook! Not because you couldn't watch them at work (which I understand since I can't either -- except without sound) but because you had all that shopping to do and I realize one must have their priorities in order! So much luv and shout outs to Ms. Jenny Penny!!!!