Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN! Why did they discontinue the Marathon Bar?!? Back in the day (1973-1981), M&M/Mars made this incredibly long candy bar called Marathon which was chocolate and caramel. But it was braided as you can see in this old ad featuring Patrick Wayne (yes, he's John Wayne's son) hawking the candy bar. I personally don't remember it being around THAT long; I seem to only remember it in the late 70's but apparently it hung in there for almost a decade before it was discontinued.
This just joins the LONG list of great foods that (for some reason) they don't make any more. Things like KOOGLE (a spread that was LIKE peanut butter but NOT peanut butter--it came in chocolate, banana and strawberry flavours if I remember correctly.) And you'll notice that it says "peanut spread" on the label -- but that must be a later incarnation because the Koogle that I smeared between 2 slices of bread (sometimes with Marshmallow Fluff added) had no peanuts (butter or otherwise) in it; in fact it was of much the same consistency as Marshmallow Fluff -- only dark DARK brown (much darker than the stuff pictured here -- much the same color as dark chocolate) or flourescent yellow or pink. I'm sure the stuff was made outta chemicals, plastic and wax -- and THAT'S why it tasted so good!!! God bless the 70's when they let you eat food that would kill ya! Then there was Aspen soda (it was apple flavoured - and yes it was good). This photo also causes me some form of consternation since my recollection is of a can with a white background -- not green like this one here. Or Tuna Twist (a box of stuff that you added to tuna fish to both soup up the flavour with herbs and spices as well as stretch the tuna so it made a little bit more sandwich-wise). Bizarrely, I still remember the jingle for Tuna Twist and, if you're ever around I can sing it to you: "Tuna Twist makes tuna taste fresh as a garden!" Sorry, the lame internet doesn't have a photo of Tuna Twist! And speaking of souping up. . .remember Soup Starter: that canister of dried stuff that you added water and meat to make a pot of (sorta) homemade soup??? Nope, internet ain't got a photo of THAT either. Bitches.
Some formerly thought lost food items which I have recently discovered STILL are made include that wonderful "stuff" Gerber's Blueberry Buckle (thanks to Cheekies for finding that one still on the shelves -- yes, it's baby food and yes, I'm OK with that. I can only describe it as a sorta blueberry puddin'!) and the wonderful, delectable Blackjack Gum (which sadly is only made certain times of the year -- much like Count Chocula cereal -- but, when it IS made it can be found in that silly general store type area in Cracker Barrel restaurants!
So, what "no longer made" food items do YOU miss? C'mon, Finky, you KNOW you're almost suicidal over Ragu's decision to discontinue Mama's Rich 'N' Meaty spaghetti sauce!

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Liz said...

I think you can still buy Blackjack at Cracker Barrel.