Monday, October 03, 2011

DOCTOR SHOCK'S HORROR THEATER HALLOWEENIE FILM OF THE DAY #2: WHITECHAPEL. While not strictly a film, this is the three episode first series of the 2009 WHITECHAPEL television programme I watched courtesy of the generosity of Weaverman over at the FLEAPIT OF THE MIND. Three episodes of about 45 minute duration each results in something like a movie when viewed back-to-back . . . . like what I did. In 2008, young DI Chandler is transferred to the Whitechapel police department where he is put in charge of a group of slovenly, jaded coppers led by DS Miles. No sooner does Chandler get there then a series of murders break out in which the female victims are killed in exactly the same way as Jack the Ripper's victims in 1888. We have a Ripper copycat on our hands. In the midst of trying to convince everyone that his theory of a Ripper copycat is correct, Chandler stumbles across a Ripperologist named Buchan who gives guided tours of the Ripper murder sites and is an expert on Saucy Jack. The atmosphere of the show is really superb and they somehow manage to combine the feel of modern day London with Victorian Whitechapel. The show's creators do a nice job keeping things fairly accurate concerning the facts of the Ripper case and the replication of murders in the modern day. If the series runs out of a tiny bit of steam by the concluding episode, it still manages to present a cracking good suspense thriller. DI Chandler is played by Rupert Penry-Jones whose mother just happens to be actress Angela Thorne (Marjory from "TO THE MANOR BORN"). Miles is played by the wonderful character actor Philip Davis who was terrific in the recent SHERLOCK series from the BBC as the chilling cabbie from the pilot episode "A STUDY IN PINK". Steve Pemberton plays Ripperologist Buchan and, of course, is best known as one of the "LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN". A terrific first series and a great way to bring Jack the Ripper into this Halloween Countdown viewing!

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