Monday, October 03, 2011

THOSE WUVVABLE WEREWOLVES! Here is a werewolf account from the Brothers Grimm called "Der Wärwölfe ziehen aus" or "The Werewolves Advance" taken from "Deutsche Sagen Vol. 1" in 1816. By the way, Livland or Livonia is a region on the Baltic Sea which comprises present-day Estonia and parts of Latvia:
"In Livland there is the following legend: When Christmas Day is over a boy who limps with one leg goes around calling together all those who have yielded to the Evil One -- and there is a large number of them -- bidding them to follow him. If any one of these resists or hesitates, then a large tall man is also there who hits at them with a whip braided from iron wire and little chains, driving them along with force. It is said that he whips at the people so cruelly that a long time later marks and scars can still be seen on their bodies, and they are in great pain.
As soon as they begin to follow him, it appears as though they lose their former shape and turn into wolves. Several thousand of them come together. Their leader, with the iron whip in his hand, leads the way. When they have been led into a field, they cruelly attack the cattle, ripping every animal to pieces that they can catch, thus doing great damage. However, they are not able to harm humans.
When they come to a body of water, their leader strikes at it with his switch or whip, and it divides, allowing them to cross over with dry feet. After twelve days have passed, they abandon their werewolf form and become humans once again."
By the way, here's today's Halloweenie Comic Book Cover of the Day #3: Vampire Tales #3 (1974)

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