Sunday, October 09, 2011

DOCTOR SHOCK'S MAD THEATER HALLOWEEN FILM OF THE DAY. Oh, those wonderful wacky giant landcrabs! ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS was one of those films I'd seen clips and stills from for decades but had never actually watched until ten years ago. Good old reliable Russell Johnson is among the players who are called upon to keep a straight face through this wonderful fifties B-movie funhouse made in about 10 weeks from pitching the title to releasing in theatres. We have an island that's collapsing and getting smaller, the voices of the dead broadcast through any metal object and giant landcrabs who absorb the mental energies of all the victims they've eaten! It's almost like the Revenge from Red Lobster (a possible tie-in for future ad campaigns). In fact, an alternate title Corman was toying with was "Attack of the Lobster Monsters"! These industrious and giant crabs can also generate blasts of heat and delicately snap every tube in a radio set neatle in half with their two foot long claws! Get the melted butter! Ronald Stein's wonderful musical accompaniment adds a touch of class to this quickie Corman classic. The point where the giant crab perches on a boulder and taunts the fleeing cast in a booming game show announcer voice: "So, you have wounded me" is a hoot. Our protaganists also manage to find oil; it must be magic oil because not only is it found on a Pacific island but also its the only oil I've ever seen that can run uphill. When you watch a 1950s Roger Corman monster movie, you should know exactly what you're in for and this movie is no exception. However, Roger still manages to infuse his films with more imagination and fun than his shoestring budgets and time restrictions would indicate. It amazes me that this movie (and many like it) made for a buck fifty are more enjoyable to watch and more thought-provoking than the multi-million dollar 3-years-in-production Hollywood time wasters they're unleashing on us today.
The Halloween Comic Book Cover of the Day is Vault of Horror #17!

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