Saturday, November 04, 2006

They just chalked it down in history but they kept their uniforms
They put their medals on the sideboards and they went back to their farms
For it was just a mere reminder that they stood beside the best
That God had saved the chosen few and the devil took the rest
On the plains above the rock face where the sculptured eagles swoop
There's a haunted yell for action among the spectres of his troops
It was silent on the coastline as the crazy angels danced
With the sound of retreating footfall from his military camp
Take it home, take it low, take responsibilities
Came the message from the front
For the captains, captains quarters must retreat
Pack the compass, pack the tents and take the bunks


Cerpts said...

Can anybody say "Bernie Taupin"?

Dis Guy said...

And thank no one I have proof of that exists but believe does in some form or another anyway for good ole Bernie

Cerpts said...

I'm an atheist. . .thank God!