Monday, November 13, 2006

THIS MONTH'S EYE CANDY! That's right, Ms. Henri, I stole your idea. But there's absolutely nothing you can do about it because we're married and the copyright on monthly eye candy is community property so I get to use the idea as well! So there! But anyway, TANIA SAULNIER is my eye candy for the month. She's super duper in the wonderful film "Slither" and if you haven't seen it you owe it to yourself to run right out and shoplift it because it's hilarious! In the film, Tania does a wonderful job taking a bath while an alien zombie slug swims directly at her and tries to take over her body. Of course, personality is a huge factor with me so besides being beautiful Tania has a helluvan attractive attitude and can act like crazy! I hear she's also in that remake of The Wicker Man thing but we won't hold that against her. Yes, she's definitely my type as those who know me will no doubt attest. Yep, those eyes definitely look hazel to me! Dark hair light eyes I'm all yours. And that's YOUR tough luck! There's just one thing, Tania -- your hair's brown so stop trying to lighten it. You're beginning to piss me off. This month's eye candy could change at a moment's notice!


Unknown said...

How fickle your fancy is, my friend.

Cerpts said...

Fickle as a pickle, ferschnickle!